How terrible is the person who insists on exercising?

How terrible is the person who insists on exercising?

A day of hard work, there will be a day of surprise.

there is a post-80s mother on the Internet who shares her fitness routine. She gets up early and exercises for 811 days.

No matter how busy she is, she will run every day and walk 5 kilometers with a heavy load.

in autumn and winter, even if it was a little difficult to get up, she never thought of stopping.

when I used to talk about sports, I would admire those who show off their skills and play well with all kinds of equipment, but the more mature they are, the more they find that sports is the most approachable thing.

whatever method you choose, as long as you stick to it, it will be admirable.

the effect visible to the naked eye is terrible even to yourself.

exercise for 1 month, you can see it on the outside

most people decide to exercise with a very simple purpose, to look better.

it's a pity that every time I exercise for a few days, I feel powerless, and sometimes I even forget what the meaning of my exercise is.

Don't doubt, as long as you stick to it, your appearance won't let you down.

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in a month, I lost 8 jin.

she didn't like sports very much, just to be beautiful, so she decided to be hard on herself. A few days ago, she followed the video on app to do rope skipping to enhance her heart and lung function.

after that, I began to do yoga, dumbbells and fighting exercises.

she has never been on a diet. She eats a lot of vegetables, meat, eggs, miscellaneous grains and rice, but in just one month, she has dropped from 128 jin to 120 jin.

not only is her body beginning to become symmetrical, but her skin is also getting better. During this period of time, she has no longer had acne, and the problem of redness on her face has also been improved.

everyone who insists on exercising can see it.

even if it is not obvious on the scale, the symmetry is obvious, and the tight and smooth skin can be revealed even if the figure does not change much.

appearance is not only the initial motivation of sports, but also the first surprise you meet.

before exercise, leave a picture as evidence. A month later, you will see your beautiful self.

exercise for 1 year, the mind can see

it is said that it is difficult to exercise for a long time, we must admit it.

now people's life is either at work or on the way to work, either the annoyance of work or the anxiety of life. It is not so easy to stick to the road of exercise.

but you will find that there are always busier people than you who take exercise as a habit.

for example, Academician Zhong Nanshan did not dare to rest on the way to the front line of the epidemic, but he persisted in running, sit-ups and pulling force, and still gave up time.

legendary female chess player Rui Fenwei unintentionally dressed up and studied go before going to bed, but she had the mind to play football and play cat-and-mouse passing.

Life is a big chess game, not only your time, but also your mind, your inner waves, your willpower.

and all these have to be practiced by exercise.

when Farah, the blogger of Little Red Book, was studying as a doctoral student, he was impatient, repeatedly frustrated, and even fell into depression for a period of time.

she started running from three kilometers to five kilometers in order to get a good night's sleep. Her life gradually became orderly, and she achieved one small goal after another in academic research.

you must have felt that everything went wrong when you were confused, didn't you? Sometimes you can't finish an hour's work in a day.

but remember to keep exercising, even if you try it for a year.

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Suzuki, a scientist, once said in a speech that from the beginning of exercise to the fact that his brain was obviously more flexible, it was a year.

your mind will turn faster, your steps will be lighter, and you will have different courage in the face of the same problem.

write down your troubles. After a year of exercise, all the difficulties will be solved without attack.

exercise for 10 years, temperament can be seen

before I saw a contrast photo of the veteran star Lu Liangwei, he was handsome when he was young, always a little green, but his temperament after maturity made everyone say amazing.

now that he is 66 years old, he will still be treated as a young man when he walks down the street.

in fact, what we appreciate is often not thin, nor dignified appearance, but a kind of aura from the inside out, which is something that cannot be brought with us.

he runs about 10,000 steps a day, practices squats and horse steps at any time, and can do simple exercises even on an airplane.

more and more beautiful, more and more handsome, is not caused by genes, but the blessing of exercise.

Zhou Tao, a 53-year-old former first sister of CCTV, has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years.

each of the photos taken to participate in the activity is worthy of the "goddess" in everyone's mind.

temperament always sounds a little empty, but we all envy such people who have experienced the world without wind and frost on their faces.

stay optimistic, but not superficial.

even if they have wrinkles in the corners of their eyes and gray hair, they will not look old, and even if they stand in the crowd, they will stand out.

short-term exercise can only give you a good figure. The longer you exercise, the more stretched your body will be and the more elegant your temperament will be.

all the things that can not be envied are sprinkled with sweat and persevered day after day.

exercise for 10 years, you will find that the unexplained temperament has long been engraved in your bones.

exercise for a lifetime, healthy and visible

Why do you keep exercising?

to be able to do a simple thing for a year, 10 years, or even a lifetime, the ultimate goal I can think of is only two words-health.

when there is no disease or disaster, health is always neglected.

but only when you think about it, do not regret it, it is the most worthwhile.

Grandma Wang Pei, an Internet celebrity, wanted to dance when she was young, but she was turned away because she was too tall and became an athlete when she joined the art troupe.

when the short video for the elderly became popular, she began to teach herself how to dance. She also worked as a fashion captain at the veteran cadre activity center, leading them to perform.

if you want to fulfill your dream, age is not the limit, but the body is.

it's never too late to build a foundation by exercise. It's never too late to do anything.

everyone has their own flowering period. Some people are successful when they are young, and the season is over. Some people counterattack in middle age and break out, but there are always people who become more and more dazzling and seem to never stop.

when their peers no longer have the strength, they are still full of energy, which is a kind of counterattack.

when people of the same age are suffering from illness and they are healthy enough, it is worth congratulating.

the so-called treasure knife is not old, the so-called happiness, but adhere to exercise every day, adhere to a lifetime.

likes a sentence very much:

"choose the life you want, not be chosen by life."


each of us should have the right to choose.

but only if you first make an investment in your body, appearance and mind. Only when you have enough strength can you have the freedom to pick and choose your life and the luck to manifest your wishes.

keep exercising.

A day of hard work, there will be a day of surprise.

, may you and I still be in their prime through the years. We can wear fresh clothes and angry horses, as well as firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea.