He cheated as soon as he got married, and he deserves to be called "the best man in the entertainment industry"?

He cheated as soon as he got married, and he deserves to be called "the best man in the entertainment industry"?

I hope that every relationship can be valued.



finally finished the old TVB drama "the Great Hero of the Love of Yihai" which became a hit last year (yes, uncle 2g chased the show).

if there is anyone who hasn't seen the Great Heroes of Women, I will be really sad.

even if you haven't seen it, you must know this out-of-circle meme.

as for the show itself, once clicked, it will fall.

Nine Sister, the most powerful female master of Chinese opera, is the absolute core figure who can make the "big female masters" who are now rampant to dig into the ground speechless.

comes from a family of gangsters, but he is determined to burn down his opium warehouse. During the war, they did not hesitate to bear the scolding, only to secretly resist Japan.

there is both righteousness and true feelings, and both the family and the country live up to it.

No other character can act in a domineering and cold manner like her, covering the sincerity of saving his family and country.

in the tragic scene of the turbulent times, there is not only the great meaning of resisting bonobos and eliminating thieves, but also the love of "Xingjiu" which resonates with the soul without the word "love".

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Don't be trapped by love, just a bosom friend is enough.

Liu Xing, played by Li Yaoxiang, is the man behind the nine younger sisters in "Big Lady". From the beginning of the small people in the market to grow into a determined anti-Japanese righteous.

Liu Xing and nine younger sisters redeem each other and are lights for each other in the dark.

even if the only distance they are closest to is a hug, it can convey that fiery love to every audience who bears witness to the resonance of their souls.

at this year's Chinese opera festival, "wake up 9cp" was reunited again, making countless audiences cheer "my Lord!" Qing! Go back! " .

Li Yaoxiang and Deng Suiwen, with their original works and sequels, have won two consecutive titles.

this honor is the only one in 54 years in the history of TVB.

11 years later, not only the series, but also the actors are remembered.

A simple interaction can ignite a fuse that makes fans boil.

who hit it!

it's me.

but I didn't expect that Li Yaoxiang's life once made up a funny own story under the nonsense and nonsense of the Taiwan media.

"the 57-year-old visual emperor actor went to the mainland to set up a street stall, and there was a poignant picture after 40 years of debut!"

undoubtedly refers to Li Yaoxiang.

A serious report, accompanied by a photo that seems to have such a thing, almost made me think it was true.

but what is the truth?

it turned out that Li Yaoxiang traveled to Bozhou, Anhui Province, hanging out in the night market, but the stall owner was actually a fan of himself, so he wanted to play and sing an impromptu song.

three emperors of vision, in the fabrication of dedicated people, were so depressed that they could only perform on the street.

however, Li Yaoxiang quickly "mocked" back on Weibo.

"I went to Hangzhou again to see if there was a place to set up a stall to earn some living expenses."

this is not over.

in addition to sending photos, we should also send a video stall to maintain the imposed falsehood.

affection is really a stall set up all over the country.

being down is not really bad, but the stall is really there.

after all, this is Li Yaoxiang, an old urchin. You don't have to shoot the play, but you have to "play."

after winning the Emperor, a reporter asked Li Yaoxiang:

"your golden sentence in the play is' how many ten years can there be in life'? what is your goal for the next 10 years?"

many people came up with an answer for him:

could it be four emperors, breaking the record held by himself, Luo Jialiang and Guo Jinan side by side?

maybe he changed his career as a director and tried something new?

or switch to a new industry and quit the entertainment industry brightly?


but Li Yaoxiang's answer was unexpected:

"I am a person with no ambition and ideal. I just want to be comfortable."... If there is, I just want to retire. "

so Li Yaoxiang pressed the slow button of his life and lived a life like "unemployment".

starting from 2017, "one play a year". Outside of this, most of the time, settle down in the mainland, sightseeing in the motherland, happy.

Li Yaoxiang has completed the transformation from a visual emperor to a tourism blogger.

when it comes to local cuisine, style will come soon;

after a while "crossing" to the ancient capital Xi'an, and then sipping tea on the West Lake, enjoying the scenery and leisure.

look at the lack of airs, saying that it depends on the emperor and who believes it.

playing is not old, when he is on the sixth day, Li Yaoxiang is just realizing his dream since childhood:

"when I was a child, I had this dream: finish reading, earn a little money, carry a backpack, travel around China with a small amount of travel expenses, and travel all over China."

but when he returned to filming, there was no doubt that he was the emperor.

he travels all over the country in his spare time, and once he turns on the phone, he converges his whole body and mind and only indulges himself in the sea of play.

57-year-old people, in order to filming, unexpectedly developed a muscle.

it is never luck that seizes the emperor three times. Li Yaoxiang cherished the hard-won starring opportunity.

when I first joined the profession, although I was good-looking, in the TVB where handsome men and beautiful girls were clustered together, it was far from handsome enough, and there were no features that people could remember.

mediocreCan only play dragon condoms and supporting roles.

but even if he is a marginal character, Li Yaoxiang has never been lazy.

even if it always acts as a human background board to make the protagonists shine, it is determined that as long as you put your heart into it, it will be remembered by the audience and recognized by the market.

this effort is an invisible bitterness, not good-looking enough, so we can only rely on acting skills.

the gluttonous and lecherous Zhu Bajie in the Journey to the West, under Li Yaoxiang's performance, became an indispensable green leaf of the series, even with a hint of funny sadness.

Han Xin in "Chu Han Jiao Xiong", in Li Yaoxiang's exquisite performance, is as arrogant and arrogant as if he came out of the book.

the mainland audience is most familiar with the naughty boy Zhou Botong. Li Yaoxiang was only 30 years old when he was "pretending to be old".

as a green leaf, the road to go is much longer than Li Yaoxiang expected.

although he started acting in TV series early at the age of 24, he didn't receive his first leading role in TVB until he was 45.

before and after the Great Hero of the Women, one is the great heroic Chai Jiu, and the other is the righteous Liu Xing. But no matter whether it is a mountain or a gully, Li Yaoxiang can get into the wood.

A good character, a good script, and a sound play, let Li Yaoxiang get what he wanted.

"it's an exaggeration to say, in fact, my acting career can come to an end, and after playing Yihai, I can actually die."

was discouraged, but TVB didn't let go, and the audience wouldn't allow it.

there is too little talk about the ending in the play, so the onlookers are always obsessed with seeing the interaction and perfection between Liu Xing and the nine girls in another time and space.

every reunion, for fans, is a comforting piece of sugar, so they are not willing to wake up.

it's just that what Liu Xing experienced in the play was tearful and soul-stirring love, while the story of Li Yaoxiang outside the play was an inextricable and inexplicable love robbery.

getting into the play so deeply that many fans acquiesced in the clouds that Li Yaoxiang and Deng Suiwen were a match made in heaven. But Li Yaoxiang's first wife is in fact a 20-year-old neighborhood.

during the period when Li Yaoxiang was doing dragons everywhere, he never gave up on him and registered to get married after falling in love for ten years.

however, this story, which could have become a couple, has become the only stain in Li Yaoxiang's life.

in just one year, they divorced, and the media revealed that it was because Li Yaoxiang had an affair.

the object is Liang Yaolian, the assistant of the actress in the same cast.

on the talk show, Li Yaoxiang personally recounted the story.

soon after the two met, Liang Yaolian fell in love with Li Yaoxiang, but at that time she did not know that the man was married.

at first, Li Yaoxiang kept his distance from Liang Yaolian's confession of love and admitted that he was married.

but unexpectedly, Liang Yaolian did not choose to let go and encouraged Li Yaoxiang to "choose the path he really wanted to take."

under the soft language offensive, Li Yaoxiang wavered.

find someone else and give up the chaff.

however, what is even more reproachful is that after Li Yaoxiang's divorce, Li Yaoxiang repeatedly said that "the first marriage is the worst thing to do in life," but ten years of love is still "emotionless." Every word is like a lover.

regret not your own affair, but your marriage with your ex-wife.

when you are young and frivolous, you meet the wrong person at the wrong time.

dating an ex-wife is only to find a daughter-in-law for her mother and a qualified mother for her future children, so she chose a gentle and virtuous ex-wife.

and his ex-wife has been living in distress since her divorce. In an interview with a reporter, Li Yaoxiang only said that he had been out of touch for many years and had his own life, so there was no need to interfere.

he gave up all the past as if the clouds were light and breezy.

but Liang Yaolian denied that she had stepped in, insisting that it was only three years after Li Yaoxiang's divorce that the two met.

there was an uproar in the outside world, thinking that the woman was hypocritical and selfish, but Li Yaoxiang tried his best to protect his wife in front of everyone.

although his almost self-exposed behavior has confirmed the woman's deviance, he still has the cheek to clarify the rumors of the "other woman" and blame himself for the divorce.

"it was I who refused to hurt her (Liang Yaolian)."

but Li Yaoxiang, who used to be a "unfaithful man", was unexpectedly loyal to his second marriage. For 20 years, he was full of love.

he occasionally goes out shopping as a househusband.