For the rest of your life: taking good care of your mood is more important than anything else.

For the rest of your life: taking good care of your mood is more important than anything else.

The most important practice in this life is to be kind to yourself.

what do you think is the best state for a person to live?

once upon a time, when we first entered society, we felt that we had something to do and that money to spend was perfection.

now, after being flashy, we know that there is a smile in the corner of the mouth and a warm heart is so rare.

it is written in Yangzhen Collection: "since ancient times, there is no other way for immortals to live with joy but not sorrow."

people have joys and sorrows, the moon is round and short, anger is not as good as calm, anger is not as good as harmony, pride is not as good as arrogance.

Life is short, and your first pursuit for the rest of your life is to learn to make yourself happy.

be kind to yourself and be grateful

I often hear people complain that life is difficult and happiness is too difficult. But is it really so?

it is inevitable to experience ups and downs and joys and sorrows. The root of unhappiness lies not in the difficulties of life, but in our hearts looking for troubles.

when you see someone else buy a new car and install a new house, you begin to struggle with the balance in your card.

when you see other people fighting for money every day, you begin to chagrin at your present job.

Hong Yingming once said, "those who are satisfied are in Wonderland, and those who are not satisfied are in the ordinary world."

the fate of man is destined to be different, and there is no need to compare it even more. People's state of mind, make their own decisions, follow the heart, why worry and no need to rush.

I have seen such a picture.

A scavenger with a heavy load on his shoulder bought bread with his little money and fed it to seagulls.

he has no rich life and no decent clothes, but the bright and contented smile on his face is better than anything else.

people grow old eventually. Some people wait for death, while others live in this moment.

there is another photo that touches me very much.

in the setting sun, two old people with poor legs and feet play on the seesaw together on crutches. In the picture, they are in a good mood.

they let me know that the best way to be kind to myself is to be grateful for the present time and live up to today's sunshine.

in this only life, walk out of your own rhythm, do not rush, do not climb, do not compare, the heart is down, people will not suffer.

A good life is inseparable from a beautiful soul. People should always learn to let go of pressure in loss and gain and fulfill themselves.

know grace, because life is infinitely beautiful, it is worth you to cherish, be grateful, because God has his own measure, you just take care of a good mood.

please yourself, look aside and look down

have you found that every time you take a turn for the better in life, the state of mind changes first before things change.

as the saying goes, "yesterday's pressure is but today's joke."

what can pass is not a thing, and what can be missed is not fate. Think of everything for the best, coax yourself first, and then overcome life.

there are two sides to things, people have two eyes, and sometimes when you change your mind, the day becomes interesting.

I saw a news report in which a delivery boy collided with a security guard.

the beer that the younger brother wants to deliver is all smashed and scattered all over the floor, and one day's salary may not be guaranteed.

some time ago, I also saw the story of a couple.

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Xiaoying's husband suffered from sequelae in an accident, which added a lot of pressure to the already poor family.

however, instead of falling into depression all day, the two danced happily in the fields, feeling better and better every day.

Mu Xin once said, "if a man comes out of sorrow, he is an artist."

things have backfired, don't be annoyed, what you pass by is full of scenery. When you get nothing, don't worry, good things always take the next turn.

the hard journey of life, some people are worried when they are not going well for a moment, while others are trapped in a quagmire, but they can live in the sun.

in the time of impermanence, to change your state of mind, you can relax if you don't worry and your heart is not tired.

look aside, because happiness is also sad day by day, life is good and bad, but between your thoughts, bearish, because the situation changes from the heart to the heart, a good mood can bring good results.

May you smile freely for the rest of your life.

take care of yourself, eat well and sleep well

as the old saying goes, "all diseases are born of qi, keep in good health and meditate first."

thousands of people have thousands of thoughts and ten thousand people look like them, so they can't make everyone like themselves or let everything go along with them.

people who don't understand you won't change because you're angry, and annoying things won't disappear because you're angry. In the end, you're the only one who pays for negative emotions.

some people have surveyed the oldest people in the world and found that they all have something in common, that is, eat well and sleep well, and do not have unnecessary quarrels.

the greatest blessing in life is to put your worries behind you, take them out of your life, and keep your good mood by your side.

just like the uncle in this picture:

he played the violin attentively in his own store and did not put down his violin because of other people's words.

instead of arguing with people at different levels, damaging your mind and losing your personality, it's better to stick to what you like and please yourself.

A truck driver was suddenly caught in a traffic jam on the road, and his original travel plans were all disrupted. But the driver was not impatient, took out a small pot and table, and made a meal for himself contentedly.

it is precisely because the world is unpredictable, people are in trouble, it is all the more necessary to set the heart free.

instead of carrying things that cannot be reversed, losing your mood and losing your health, it is better to take good care of your body and be free and happy.

if you have a clear conscience, you don't have to explain. If you wake up and let it go, you don't have to worry about it. Just have a meal and let it go.

in a life you can't start all over again, you can control your emotions, think more about good things, have a good meal, and know that you can be healthy.

eat well, because firewood, rice, oil and salt is the most soothing, people feel safe and sleep well when their stomach is warm, because the entanglement of love and hate only increases troubles, and if you close your eyes, you can forgive everything without asking about the past.

for the rest of your life, may you make a living seriously and never forget your original ideals and aspirations and smile happily.

Life has a long way to go, and only those who laugh often have light and distance.

in the first half of my life, I thanked myself, exhausted for a better life, went day and night for the love in my heart, and bothered for the ups and downs of fate.

for the rest of my life, be kind to yourself, be content with what you have, please yourself, let go when you figure it out, and take care of yourself. Good health is a blessing.

, don't forget that the most important practice in this life is to be kind to yourself.