For the rest of my life, shoes should fit, and people should be in tune.

For the rest of my life, shoes should fit, and people should be in tune.

It is better to be happy than to please others.

Voltaire said:

"it is not the distant mountain that makes people tired, but a grain of sand in the shoe."

any emotion is like the relationship between shoes and feet.

whether the shoes are comfortable or not, the feet know.

the heart knows whether a person is suitable or not.

therefore, walking with shoes is the most important, and getting along with others is the most important.

Don't change others and wronge yourself

in this life, long is not long, short is not short.

time is precious and there is no need to struggle for unpleasant people or things.

never let yourself be wronged silently in order to accommodate others.

there is a very impressive segment in the movie "palpitating Heart".

one sunny afternoon, Bryce moved to a small town with her parents and became neighbors with Julie.

Julie fell in love with Bryce at first sight, and more coincidentally, they became classmates later.

Julie's farm keeps countless chickens. In order to get close to Bryce, she sends them fresh eggs every morning.



was not moved by this, but she believed that Bryce would like her as long as she gave it a few more times. after all, other neighbors had to pay for it.

until one day, she delivered the eggs and was about to leave when she turned around and found that Bryce was about to throw the eggs away as garbage.

when pressed by her, Brestein said:

"my father thinks your chicken coop is dirty and is afraid that if you eat your eggs, you will be infected with salmonella."

obviously, Bryce is not grateful for Julie's efforts.

Julie broke her heart and broke off with Bryce completely.

as the saying goes, "

six percent drunk with wine and seven percent full with food.


blindly accommodating others is like wearing a pair of shoes that don't fit. It grinds your foot out of a bubble, and you don't want to throw it away because you like it.

until one day, this bubble makes you ache day and night, you realize how unworthy this persistence is, because these shoes have never loved you.

therefore, feelings and sincerity should be given to people who are worthy of it.

shoes that don't fit will only drag you down, so take them off as soon as possible.

between people, we always have to get along with each other without tiredness, so that we can never get tired of being together for a long time.

replace the pair of shoes that don't fit, knock off the grain of sand in the shoes, and you may go higher and farther.

not so good, as long as it fits

Bi Shumin once said:

"Don't just covet the splendor of your shoes and wronge your feet. What others see is shoes, but what they feel is feet. "

No matter what kind of shoes, the most important thing is to fit well; no matter who you are, it is most important to be in tune.

there is a short story in the TV series "parents' Love":

when Anjie was pregnant, he went back to his mother's house happily. When he came to the door, he heard his brother lecturing his nephew, saying that he would chirp like a pig when he was eating.

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the child was not sensible and casually retorted, "my sister-in-law chirps his mouth even when he eats. Is it possible that my little uncle is also a pig?"

my brother didn't speak for a moment, but my sister-in-law nodded.

Anjie just knew that his brother and sister-in-law treated her husband in this way in private.

but at that moment, Angie was thinking--

Yes, Jiang Defu has all kinds of small shortcomings. Eat, chirp your mouth, don't like taking a bath, and don't change your pajamas.

but he can take care of his little hobbies and pay attention to his little thoughts.

he looked at me, but in fact he was considerate and tolerant, giving himself tenderness and love unreservedly.

people who like to keep up with others choose to cut their feet to fit their shoes, while those who understand life will tailor their clothes.

whether walking is comfortable or not, but only the feet can really understand it.

in life, you have to wear shoes that fit your feet and go your own way.

Don't mind what others think and say.

because we know in our hearts that the appearance is not as bright as the inner reality, and that only what suits us is the best.

same frequency, not tired to get along

in the roulette of fate, everyone is searching, eager to meet someone who fits his soul.

the luckiest thing in life is to meet someone who is tacit and in tune with you.

in the movie passing through your World, Xiao Rong and Chen Mo like each other for a long time and come together.

they go to the radio together every day, occasionally laugh and play, or think about the future.

but Xiao Rong is eager to stand higher and farther away and have a better stage, while Chen Mo is content with the status quo.

after a program, Xiao Rong broke up.

she said: "I have given all my youth to love, but I do not have another youth." It's good for you to fall in love, but I think fit is the most important thing. "

writer Richard Yates wrote in Eleven Solitude:

"I think the so-called loneliness is the person you face whose emotions are not at the same frequency as your own."

Yes, two people with different frequencies are like not on the same channel.The two radios can not be said to go to the same place, even if the feelings are deep, they can not escape the fate of estrangement.

when we are alive, we don't need much, but a person who is in tune with us.

if the values of two people are different and difficult to reconcile, they will never be able to live happily together.

two people who do not understand each other, no matter how much they say, are powerless; no matter how long they get along, it is a waste of time.

Love is not looking for lost ribs, but looking for a resonance with no sense of disobedience.

at the same frequency, love can communicate and grow.

as we walk, we realize:

if you want to go far, you need a pair of shoes that fit.

if you want not to be alone, you have to have someone who is in tune with you.

the most important thing to get along with others is to feel at ease, not a burden.

so, don't try your best to please, and stop wronging yourself for fear of losing.

the union of people is to avoid loneliness.

if that person does not understand your joys and sorrows and what you say, then no matter how close the body is, the heart is thousands of miles apart.

it is better to be happy than to please others.

, for the rest of your life, let the shoelaces fit you to see the scenery and go to bloom side by side with the people who are in tune.