Fools belittle people, but wise men lift them up.

Fools belittle people, but wise men lift them up.

The meaning of life lies in the mutual illumination between people.


what is the biggest difference between a fool and a wise man?

there is an incisive answer on the Internet: the fool dismantles the stage, and the wise man sets up the stage.

in other words, fools belittle others and wise men lift them up.

A fool, like a hedgehog, stabs others and keeps them away at the same time.

and the wise man, like a beam of light, warms others and illuminates himself.

fools belittle others, and the road becomes narrower and narrower

gold medal trainer Chen Hao told such a story in his book.

Xiaoqing is a web designer, not only responsible for her work, but also very capable.

once, in order to successfully export the company's design to the new market, she made great efforts to design the best plan, so she attached great importance to every detail of the design.

however, because of her insistence, the design was handed in a few days later than the time agreed by the client, and the customer complained about it.

although the final plan was passed smoothly, the leader criticized her at the meeting.

she was a little angry about this.

since then, whenever she communicated with clients, she often showed her dissatisfaction with her leaders, and even told them that her leaders did not know how to design, some details were not good enough, and sometimes she was asked to rush to work in order to realize profits as soon as possible. quality is difficult to guarantee.

did not realize that her words and deeds made her gradually "marginalized" in the company.

No matter how good her design is, she doesn't get a big bonus or promotion, and even her colleagues often give her trouble.

Dong Qing once said in the "host contest": "after the gunshot, there was no winner."

when we pick up the mud and throw it at others, it is our own hands that get dirty first.

it is the stupidest thing to highlight yourself by belittling others.

on the way forward in life, each of us will encounter many obstacles, not only our own abilities and luck, but also our enemies.

these "enemies" are not necessarily obvious opponents, but also include those we have belittled, because they are entirely likely to become the biggest stumbling block on our way forward.

our derogatory words and dismantled stations will eventually be retributed to ourselves.

there is a good saying: it is better to have one less friend than one more enemy.

making less enemies for yourself is not only the most basic accomplishment of a person, but also the ability that a person should have.

Wise men lift people, and the road gets wider and wider

Han Gaozu Liu Bang once said:

"I am not as good as Zhang Liang as I am in the middle of planning and winning thousands of miles away. I am not as good as Xiao he in governing the country, pacifying the people and supplying military supplies. I am not as good as Xiao he. I am not as good as Han Xin in commanding the army and horses, charging into battle, winning every battle and winning every attack."

but it is also because of their help that Liu Bang can better accomplish the great cause of reunifying the world.

to build bridges for others is actually paving the way for yourself.

there is such a man who has acted in a play for many years, but has been lukewarm.

once, he met an unknown young actor who, like when he first entered the profession, had been a walk-on.

perhaps because of the same experience, he felt sorry for the actor and at the same time decided that the actor had great potential.

so, relying on his many years of acting experience and contacts, he tried his best to help the actor and began to act with the actor.

later, the young actor became everyone's favorite "Sing Yeh".

but he always stands in the supporting role and becomes what everyone calls the "golden supporting role".

in an interview, he said:

"in 90 minutes of a movie, the supporting role will not take more than 20 minutes. When I first started out, I was also a king of drama. Later, I realized that being a man was more important than acting, so I began to learn to cooperate with others.

like the hot pot in Chongqing, the protagonists are all shrimp and fat cattle, but how delicious they are, they pay attention to the taste of soup, and the supporting role is that pot of soup. "

this person is Wu Mengda, who is known as "Uncle Da" in the entertainment industry. He is the highest-paid supporting actor in Hong Kong and one of the few stars who have become famous by playing supporting roles.

some people say, "Life is an echo. If you give the best to others, you will get the best from others. "

to achieve others is to achieve yourself.

every help we give to others will imperceptibly contribute to our lives.

the transformation of life is the accumulation of these bricks and tiles again and again!

Today, it is no longer a time to fight alone. If you want to be a better yourself, the most important thing is to learn to lift people.

those who are really wise know how to lift people up

there is a clip in "Actors Please get in place" in which Wen Zhengrong plays with Huang Mengying to replay the classic movie Mei Lanfang.

at the beginning of the play, Huang Mengying was unable to find a good state because of pressure.

as an older actress, Wen Zhengrong not only helped her sort out the relationship between characters and analyze the background of the times, but also played with her over and over again to cheer her up.

in the end, the two men successfully completed the shooting and got the high level of the director.Degree evaluation, Wen Zhengrong also got his dream of the "S" level.

she said:


filming is like playing table tennis. I teach Huang Mengying when you call me, and I do it for myself.


in the social environment, it is almost difficult for us to succeed without the support of others.

the best relationship between people is to achieve and shine against each other.

Learning to lift people is not only a person's greatest wisdom, but also a person's highest self-cultivation.

in a word, he shows his wisdom.

only by dealing with people and helping each other can we be mutually beneficial; only by helping each other can we achieve win-win results!

We are all familiar with the story of "the race between the tortoise and the hare". On this basis, economists put forward the "win-win theory of the tortoise and the hare."

the rules of the race are: follow the route specified by the tortoise and reach the finish line within the time specified by the hare.

however, such a requirement will only make them lose the game.

because there is a river in the middle of the route chosen by the tortoise, the hare cannot cross it, and the tortoise cannot reach the finish line within the specified time by virtue of its own speed.

so they decided to help each other. In the mountains, the hare carried the tortoise on its back and ran to the river. When it came to the river, the tortoise carried the hare upstream to cross the river.

as the saying goes: the strong set up the stage with each other.

because of this, it can not only maximize the value of everyone, but also maximize the interests of everyone.

as the saying goes: only when everyone is good is really good.

Gibran once said: "the meaning of life lies in the mutual illumination between people."

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in life, no one can really live into an isolated island, and everyone needs support and help from the outside world.

as the saying goes, the time is not as good as the place, and the place is not as good as the harmony of people.

when fools belittle others, they dig holes for themselves, win words, they will only lose life, and in the end, they will become "alone".

A wise man pave the way for himself, help others, and win hearts and minds. In the end, he is surrounded by stars.

May you and I, in the future life, not be derogatory fools, but be uplifting wise men, achieve each other and grow together.

encourage each other!