"Delete each other, or I'll always want to find you."

"Delete each other, or I'll always want to find you."

In the future, may you and I be safe and sound where we can't see each other.


what's it like to delete friends with someone you like?

some people say:

"the world has suddenly become so big that if all goes well, I will never see him again in my life."

people who have deleted each other can empathize with each other.

but the moment you really delete him, you will be heartbroken.

the familiar avatar will no longer appear on your friend list.

you can no longer peek at his moments every now and then.

in the future, all stories about him can only be told by others.

quit Wechat, you and he are like two strangers, no longer intersect.

but if you keep him, the relationship will not come back to life.

there will be no response to your affection and reluctance.

No one can hold on to love without a response for long.

then why don't you delete each other, just pretend he hasn't been here, you haven't been in love.

I used to feel that I had a steady stream of enthusiasm and persistence in love.

I always want to pin all my feelings on another person.

like a person, as long as you are happy, it doesn't matter whether you have a result or not.

I have a long life to waste anyway.

even if he is explicitly rejected, he still wants to stay with him in a different identity.

as long as he is happy, he is willing to become a friend or even a stranger.

it turns out later that people who really liked them can't be friends.

the enthusiasm for giving but not getting a response will eventually be exhausted.

that person doesn't like you, so it's no use taking the initiative a thousand times.

never underestimate the indifference and ruthlessness of a person without you.

like my friend Shihan and the boy she likes.

they have known each other for three or four years, and Shihan has liked him for three or four years.

he always knew how Shihan felt about him, but never gave a positive response.

neither accepted her confession, nor clearly distanced himself from her.

whenever there is something wrong, I will tell her the first time.

during the holidays, I will also ask her address and give her gifts.

has been deleted by her unilaterally for countless times and added back voluntarily for countless times.

she was seduced by him and regarded his every move as a love for herself.

but in fact, he always had only friend affection for her.

Shihan asked him for the last time:

"in your heart, who am I? Have you ever liked me? Even for a moment. "

he said, "I like it, but it's just the kind of love of a friend."

after she wants to have sex with him, he only treats her as a friend.

he talks to her every day and shares his life with her in every detail.

if he had her in his heart, he would have confessed to being with her.

and all those who don't take the initiative are actually because they don't like it.

it takes three or four years to see a person clearly.

it's not really bad, is it?

seriously, if you take the initiative for too long, you will be really tired. "

Shihan said this to me the day he decided to delete his good friend.

she said that in the past, she thought that deleting blocking was something that children would do, because it was so childish.

but it was only when things happened to me that I felt that deleting friends was also a relief.

if a relationship is destined to be impossible, it is necessary to stop the loss in time.

so she sent him the last Wechat:

"Don't force you to like me, let's delete each other."

he didn't reply, she pressed the delete key.

looking at the lost expression on her face, I remembered a paragraph:

"gradually you will find that it is normal that the people you like don't like you.

Love is about luck, and love doesn't make sense. "

it seems to be true.

some people, they come to your world,

makes you expect something for tomorrow, but it doesn't appear in your tomorrow.

you need to consume some obsession and give up some persistence.

finally realized that even if you give everything you have, you can't be with him.

it's not that you met at the wrong time, but that you are not the same person.

the same destination is just a toast. The world is too crowded.

there is a poignant comment on Weibo:

"if one day, I decide to delete you, it doesn't mean you are no longer important to me.

but I'm afraid I'm getting deeper and deeper.

there is really such a person, I want to give up countless times, but still reluctant to give up.

I know it's hard to forget you, but I decided to try. "

I will forget you slowly, slowly, but firmly.

I will delete your Wechat.

I won't keep your picture either.

never seeing each other again in this life is my greatest blessing to you.

what else can I do? I can never let go if I keep you.

can never get out of the endless cycle of "why I like you so much, but you don't like me".

when Wechat rings, I always think it's you.

like you, I really tried my best.

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Let's delete each other, accomplish each other and let it go.

from now on, may you and I be safe and sound where we can't see each other.