Congratulations! Guan Xuan gave birth to his second child, and his 13-year relationship was finally exposed.

Congratulations! Guan Xuan gave birth to his second child, and his 13-year relationship was finally exposed.

You can not only go to the clouds to see thousands of scenery, but also enjoy the most common human fireworks.


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recently, the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing are in full swing, and the sports circle has ushered in another happy event.

on February 7, diving champion Wu Minxia Guan Xuan gave birth to her second child:

it should be up to four, but it should be up to four. everything is fine.

in the photo, four hands are firmly held together, and the four members of the family are warm and complete.

netizens also expressed their blessings: congratulations on the birth of a baby in the Winter Olympic Games.

for many people, the Chinese diving Dream team has an unforgettable combination: Guo Jingjing and Wu Minxia.

it can be said that there is no disadvantage in the synchronized 3m springboard for synchronized diving, winning too many gold medals and honors for the Chinese team.

in contrast to the halo of Guo Jingjing's "diving queen", Wu Minxia is often ridiculed as "always in second place" and "green leaves".

compared with several "first Sisters of diving" who married into a wealthy family after retirement, she even seemed to be in obscurity.

but when all the hustle and bustle had come to an end, people found that she had already become a winner in life.


at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, 14-year-old Fu Mingxia won the gold medal in the women's 10-meter platform, becoming the youngest diving world champion at that time.

Wu Minxia, who did her homework in front of the TV and watched the Olympic Games, remembered this moment:

"in Shanghainese, Fu Mingxia's name is almost the same as Wu Minxia's name. At that time, I remembered it all at once, and I felt like I wanted to win the Olympic championship like her."

Fu Mingxia and Wu Minxia, two similar names, have made two remarkable achievements in the history of Chinese diving.

Wu Minxia, who cherishes the dream of an Olympic champion, began to train assiduously when many children were still playing:

practice diving at 6 years old, join Shanghai team at 9 years old, and join national team at 13 years old.

after that, she began to practice the double event with Guo Jingjing, coming as early as possible and leaving late every day, often until all the people in the venue were gone.

the two became the most tacit partners.

stand on the highest podium for countless times and win the gold medal to be soft.

at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the two men defended the women's synchronized 3m springboard champion.

in synchronized diving, they are teammates, but the solo 3m springboard is each other's opponent.

Wu Minxia lost to Guo Jingjing in the single event, so much so that she had little name even though she won countless gold medals.

Guo Jingjing announced her retirement after the Beijing Olympic Games.

the banner of the Chinese diving team came to Wu Minxia's shoulder.

wanting to win a single gold medal has also become Wu Minxia's goal.

but a game in 2010 made Wu Minxia hit rock bottom.

she competed in the synchronized 3m springboard with he Zi, but her right foot slipped when she took off in the fourth round, the result was zero, and her foot was drenched with blood.

for a while, public opinion was everywhere.

there is a very harsh sound:

Wu Minxia can't do without Guo Jingjing.

she had no response in front of others, but cried bitterly when she was alone.

Wu Minxia's partner he Zi won the synchronized 3m springboard at the 2012 London Olympics.

she also got what she wanted and won the gold medal in the single 3m springboard.

finally proved with his strength that he is no worse than anyone and is no one's accessory.

everyone thought that Wu Minxia should retire bravely and announce her retirement, but unexpectedly she chose to stick to it for another four years.

at the 2016 Rio Olympics, her 31-year-old partner Shi Yanmao won the women's synchronized 3m springboard again.

this time, everyone wept for the veteran.

she became the first female Olympic "hardware" champion in Chinese history.

participated in the four Olympic Games and won five gold, one silver and one bronze, an achievement that no one can break so far.

there is also an interesting episode in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

at the scene of the women's synchronized 3m springboard competition between Wu Minxia and Shi Yanmao, the reporter specially found a handsome audience in the auditorium for an interview.

the reporter asked: what is the focus of your attention when you come to the diving competition today?

the handsome guy blurted out: Wu Minxia.

asked why, the handsome guy smiled and replied: because she is my girlfriend.

the reporter facing the camera was stunned for a few seconds by this conversation, unable to speak.

at that time, many netizens thought it was just a joke of a loyal fan.

No one thought that the next day, Wu Minxia made her relationship public on social media.

only then did netizens know that they had been in love for a long time in silence.

graduated from Communication University Of China School of International Communication, worked as an announcer and general director of sports events.

although he is not an expensive son of a wealthy family, he is a talented person.

the acquaintance of the two is like an idol drama.

in 2008, Wu Minxia and Guo Jingjing won the championship at the Beijing Olympic Games, when the live announcer was Zhang Xiaocheng.

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Zhang Xiao, who likes diving competitionsCheng, has always been Wu Minxia's fan brother, but because of the different circles of life, the two have no communication.

until 2010.

the night Wu Minxia lost the game and was injured, Zhang Xiaocheng plucked up the courage to send a text message.

repeated deletions and deletions for a long time, only sent a simple four words: "are you all right?"

in this way, the two talked for a long time, first became friends, and then gradually developed into a romantic relationship.

in order not to affect Wu Minxia's training, Zhang Xiaocheng indulged her and chose not to have a public relationship. Both of them fell in love secretly.

at that time, Zhang Xiaocheng, who had just worked, had no savings.

on her first date, Wu Minxia ordered only two plates of green vegetables and one dessert, which cost 100 yuan.

although she admitted many years later that she didn't have enough to eat at that time.

but in retrospect, it is still very sweet.

because of the gap between fame and money, the two were not favored by their relatives and friends at first.

all feel that this relationship will not last.

but two people who are used to thinking about each other and know how to accommodate each other persist because of love.

Wu Minxia cut through all the difficulties on the field.

Zhang Xiaocheng is also working hard to develop his own career.

the plan may never catch up with the change.

after the London Olympic Games, Wu Minxia pondered and made a bold decision:

she wants to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics for another four years.

afraid of Zhang Xiaocheng's disagreement, she struggled for a long time before telling him about the decision.

after all, the four-year cycle is too difficult for an athlete.

the diving team has a large number of talents, and it is gradually dominated by teenage girls. Wu Minxia, who is already 27, has actually passed the best period of physical fitness.

he sees all kinds of injuries over the years.

but he didn't want to erase Wu Minxia's pursuit, so he finally chose to agree.

just wait for her for another four years.

there is nothing you can't afford to really love someone.

2016 Rio Olympics.

Wu Minxia won the championship as she wished.

We look at the relaxed and perfect behind every jump, isn't it the blood and tears behind her?

she has achieved the goal she has always pursued in her career, and she can finally fulfill her promise.

in October 2016, Wu Minxia announced her retirement.

the two got married the next year.

the wedding scene is like a blue sea of extreme romance, with guests and world champions gathering.

second year of marriage.

my daughter was born and everything was just right.

but after retiring, life has another challenge for Wu Minxia.

she suddenly lost her goal, couldn't see her own value, and didn't know what else she could do.

share your life and knowledge of diving with netizens on the Internet.

Wu Minxia, facing the camera, was extremely uncomfortable at first.

it was Zhang Xiaocheng who accompanied her, filming and editing for her, encouraging her to do better step by step and starting a new life.

for ten years, he has been standing behind her, becoming her greatest support and confidence.

some people once regretted that Wu Minxia, an Olympic champion, obviously had the capital to marry into a wealthy family, but finally chose a "poor boy."

in the video, the couple's home is not a mansion.

the area is small and the costume is simple.

but looking at Wu Minxia's smiling face and marrying into love, who says she is not happy?

you can not only go to the clouds to see thousands of scenery, but also enjoy the most ordinary human fireworks.

such a life, how cool!

", bless Wu Minxia and wish the family of four happiness forever.