Chen Kun, the image collapsed.

Chen Kun, the image collapsed.

It is a lesson to enjoy the present and accept yourself.

I don't know since when, there has been a storm of mockery of Chen Kun on the Internet. After 22 years of debut, none of the "three Gold" awards have been won.

in comparison, Liu Ye of the same period has long won the Golden Horse Award and the Golden Rooster Award for "Lan Yu" and "Beauty Grass" respectively.

Deng Chao won the Golden Rooster Award with "the scorching Sun".

even Huang Xiaoming won the Golden Rooster Award for "China partner" in 2013.

Chen Kun is the only one who can't even get a nomination.

it's hard to figure out how Chen Kun got to where he is now.

is also the earliest and most famous one.

is so famous that we once ignored the fact that he didn't have a prize.

once he and Liu Ye went shopping. At that time, Liu Ye had just won the title of actor, and he was supposed to be booming.

but when the two walked together, the fans just asked Chen Kun for an autograph and completely snubbed Liu Ye.

of course it's because it looks good.

who doesn't love the youthful watchmaker Chen Zikun?

who doesn't love the rich rich gentleman Jin Yanxi?

"like fog, like rain and like wind" and "Golden Powder Family" gave Chen Kunguo a reputation, gave him a good reputation, and gave him a sudden surge in value.

unfortunately, it didn't bring him professional recognition.

there are no awards, empty looks.

just a vase of men who don't like it and don't use it?

over the next few years, the word "vase" was like a spell, entangled with Chen Kun.

once upon a time, he had a vested interest in the vase. Born with deep facial features and superior bones. In a pair of melancholy eyes, there seems to be something on my mind.

he succeeded in seizing every key opportunity in life.

with only a good pair of skin.

it took only half a year to work as a waiter in a nightclub and was hand-picked and promoted to lobby manager by the boss.

I went to the bar to sing and was introduced by kind guests to the opera house teacher to learn to sing.

to learn to sing, the teacher saw that he looked good and encouraged him to learn acting.

accompany a friend to apply for the film academy. He didn't want to sign up, but he was half coaxed and seduced by the teacher.

"you sign up, maybe you have a chance."

as a result, his friend did not pass the examination, but he, who had no foundation, unexpectedly took the first place in his major of that year.

later, I was unexpectedly lucky to accompany my classmates to audition.

he stood in the hallway waiting for his classmates to audition, which was far away seen by the casting director.

there was no serious self-introduction, no audition, just a few casual conversations.

on his way back to school, he received a call from the director informing him to play Nie er.

that is Wu Ziniu's national anthem.

since then, the name Chen Kun has officially entered the eyes of the public.

he walked smoothly, too smoothly.

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even if things go wrong occasionally, they will be loved and given preferential treatment because of their appearance.

later, Zhao Baogang decided that he would play "never close his eyes", but he suddenly changed roles before turning on the phone.

that day happened to be the spring outing in the class. Chen Kun was in high spirits and told the teacher that he would be back at three o'clock in the afternoon.

he showed a rare loss when he learned that he had been replaced.

A handsome boy, who is usually cool and dragging, is suddenly depressed. Who is not distressed to see it?

the teacher immediately called Zhao Baogang and ordered him not to make Chen Kun sad.

and told Chen Kun, "Don't take any drama, just wait for Zhao Baogang."

Why does the teacher help him like this?

"because this child is bound to succeed in the future."

Zhao Baogang apologized and specially changed the name of the character to "Chen Zikun".

this is a great honor for a college student who has not yet graduated.

in Zhao Baogang's lens, his beauty is magnified.

go on a rampage and be invincible.

every move is melancholy and affectionate.

later, he went to "Pink Girl" to guest as a playboy.

in the famous Flower Drum, he is a beautiful boy with fresh clothes and angry horses.

in the Golden Powder Family, he has an air of nobility in all his moves.

sometimes when you give an interview, you can see that he enjoys it.

occasionally when he is late, he will bounce around and act coquettish with others, which makes you look at his face and lose his temper.

from self-abasement with few words to being lively and comfortable with the media.

this face really leads his life to a new stage, even to a new height.

huge fame and profits hit, setting off violent ups and downs.

Chen Kun is afraid.

I'm afraid I can't hold on to all this.

he is always on guard against the word "vase".

in 2007, he said:

"appearance is actually only a phased assistance to personal growth, if a boy wants to start a career or succeed."Appearance is actually a big obstacle. "

first realized this when I was singing in a bar.

at that time, he had not systematically learned to sing, and thought he could sing well, so he went to interview many bars.

after singing for three or five days at a time, he was dismissed by the boss for various reasons.

then he finally realized that a good-looking skin could only allow him to sing for three or five days.

Beauty doesn't accomplish anything, it just gives you a false dream.

makes you feel like you can do anything and seems to have endless potential.

but in fact, you got nothing.

he began to hate people paying too much attention to his appearance.


in 2013, he served as the judge of Happy Boys along with Li Yuchun, Nicholas Tse and Tao Jingying.

he Jiong said:

"'Spring' is Li Yuchun's' Spring', 'Wind' is Nicholas Tse's' Feng', 'Peach' is Tao Jingying's' Tao', and 'Flower' is the 'flower' of the factory flower."

when he finished speaking, the camera was given to Chen Kun, who was on the bench. With a black face, he stood up and made a murderous gesture.

it can be said that every cell in the body is rejecting this title.

at that time, his "Dragon Gate Flying Armor" had already been released, in which he played the role of Governor Yuhua Tian of the West Factory.

Beautiful eyes look forward to, feminine and cold.

people give the nickname "factory flower".

he doesn't like to be called "factory flower".

because the nickname sounds like a "vase".

he made no secret of his ambition on the show:

"in fact, I have great ambitions in my career. I am not a soft, aimless, poetic little man as you can see."

he was secretly shouting at himself.

the roles he takes up later are often a far cry from his own temperament.

the more poles he goes, the more he arouses his desire to challenge.

he is willing to match even if some characters are not.

so we saw Hu Wan, the villain in Let the bullets fly.

in Jiang Wen's rugged lens language, his melancholy and delicacy are buried.

ruthless and arrogant.

like crazy, pointing at people and scolding: "you are not bullying honest people!"

and the mad doctor in the Dragon King, the god of Di Renjie.

when you stick a beard, you don't recognize your six relatives.

after watching the movie, many people are asking, "where is Chen Kun?"

the more you play, the crazier you get.

then he set his sights on Zhong Kui, a mythical figure famous for his ugliness.

in Zhong Kui's ambush: snow demon spirit, he grows a big beard again and becomes a rough man.

so is Hu Bayi, the golden school captain in the Legend of searching for the Dragon.

Poor mouth, tough guy, riffraff.

not to mention Liu Bo in Hot Pot Hero.

he was beaten on the ground in a tough Chongqing dialect.

his face was so swollen that he could hardly recognize his original appearance.

in short, it is how to destroy the image.

to some extent, this is an escape.

A silent escape that belongs to him alone.

what he is trying to escape is a label called "Chen Kun-style Beautiful Man".

but the more people run away, the more they can't get through, and the more restless they will be.

"escaping is actually a very childish way of understanding."

the problem is never appearance, but yourself.

because I am not satisfied with the present situation brought by beauty, I try my best to escape from the annoying environment.

I don't know if I will like the next environment.

if you don't change your mindset, it's just going from one illusion to another, from one trap to the next.

enjoy the present and accept yourself.

this is a subject.

now he is finally reconciled with his appearance.

has learned to joke loosely.

the reporter asked him if he had considered seeing other people transform into directors.

he replied, "I'd better keep my face. Everyone's strengths are different."