Change yourself and start with your management habits

Change yourself and start with your management habits

From today on, the management habit is quietly top-notch.

A reader wrote to Zhou Guoping and asked, "how can I live a good life?"

Zhou Guoping simply replied in four words: management habits.

when talking about the influence of habits on one's life, educator Ushensky also said:

"if you form a good habit, you will never enjoy the interest it brings.

if you form a bad habit, you will be paying off endless debts all your life. "

A good habit is like an intangible asset, while management habit is to add value to your life.

good habits make life, but bad habits destroy life.

good or bad habits will not only determine the success or failure of a thing, but also affect a person's fate.

Weibo blogger

@ Zhang Xiaoqing

told the story of his Waterloo in the workplace because of his bad habits.

bloggers have the problem of procrastination since childhood, and they always put off everything until the last minute.

in a project, when she got assigned tasks, she always thought that she hadn't reached deadline yet, so she put it off again and again.

to her surprise, the leader suddenly informed her that the project was ahead of schedule, and she had to stay up late to catch up with a plan, but the quality was not satisfactory.

As a result, she was fired from the company before the project was finished.

the English poet Dryden said: "first we form the habit, then the habit forms us."


A study also shows that more than 40% of people's daily activities are the product of habits, not their own decisions.

what really affects life is not big choices, but small habits.

many years ago, a number of Nobel laureates gathered.

the reporter asked one of the scholars, "where did you go to university and learned what you thought was the most important thing?"

the scholar said calmly, "in kindergarten."

the reporter continued to ask: "what did you learn in kindergarten?"

the scholar replied:

"learn to give half of your things to your friends; don't take things that are not your own; put things neatly; wash your hands before eating; apologize for something wrong; take a break after lunch; and observe nature carefully. Basically, that's all I've learned. "

habits have a far-reaching impact on one's life.

James Collier, a famous habit expert, has also revealed that

it is the quality of habits that determines our long-term quality of life.

after five years of investigation and research, it is found that many good habits possessed by the rich do not exist in ordinary people at all.

these habits are: read often, get up early, spend 30-40 minutes a day thinking, not blindly, not following the crowd.

these things are relatively easy to do in the short term, but very difficult to persist in the long run.

but as long as you stick to it and form habits, there will be amazing changes in life.

the British philosopher Francis Bacon said that habit is a tenacious and great force, it can dominate life.

if you want to stand out, you must understand that habits determine your future.

Franklin, a famous American statesman, was forced to work as an apprentice in the printing press after studying for only one year.

Franklin lacked self-discipline when he was young and couldn't find a decent job for a long time.

after deep reflection, he found that the key to success lies in forming good habits and perfecting personality.

as a result, he summed up 13 good habits needed for success:

abstinence, reticence, order, decisiveness, frugality, diligence, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, calmness, chastity, humility.

then take these habits as goals, find out all kinds of bad habits in yourself, and correct them one by one.

Franklin wrote in his book:

"I must break those bad habits and establish good ones so that I can always do the right thing."

he specially found a small book, drew a table on each page with a pen, wrote down the seven days of the week, and then drew 13 squares with vertical lines.

concentrate all his efforts on completing one of them over a period of time, and when he has completely formed the habit, choose the next one, and so on, until the 13 are completed.

Franklin said that excellence is a habit, and life can only be successful if good habits are accompanied by good habits.

Life is but the sum of countless habits.

the Power of habit tells a true story.

Lisa Allen, the protagonist, started smoking and drinking at the age of 16 and led an unrestrained life. These bad habits made her fat and bloated for a time.

she used to get by in debt, and when she was in her 20s, she was eluded by a debt collection company for asking for $10,000 in debt.

she doesn't have a steady job either, and the longest job has been less than a year.

It can be said that her life is terrible.

At the age of 34, Lisa made up her mind to change her habits.

at first, she just persisted in running, developed good exercise habits, and gradually changed her eating habits, work habits, sleep habits, savings habits and study habits.

through the change of one habit, the change of another habit, Lisa's life is also quietly changing.

she stopped drinking and quit.Smoke, start to study hard, study for a master's degree.

Finally, she managed to lose weight, found a long-term job, bought a house and got engaged.

good habits are the stepping stone to a good life, while bad habits are the paving stone to the corridor of failure.

most of the time, it is not that you become good to have good habits, but that you can become better if you have good habits.

Samurai Furukawa, author of how to get rid of Bad habits, also had many bad habits. When he realized that these habits brought a lot of trouble to life, he was determined to give up these bad habits one by one.

he strictly controls his sleep time, no longer stays up late, and insists on going to bed on time at 11:00 every night.

in order to eliminate procrastination, he goes to the company to deal with the most important work an hour in advance every day.

the weekend is no longer to wake up naturally and spend the day lazily, but to get up early and plan for a new day.

through three months of regular life, he successfully lost 8kg and regained his former appearance and self-confidence.

one nail squeezes out another, and habit is replaced by habit.

when you give up one bad habit after another, you can take back the initiative in life.

Jobs once said this:

"in the first 30 years of your life, you form habits; in the last 30 years of your life, your habits determine you."

in the Power of habit, there are three ways to share with you.

identify the habits you want to cultivate and reward yourself in a timely manner.

when you finish a stage, reward yourself once and give positive motivation. Only in this way can you persevere.

for example, keep working out, do it several times a week, and reward yourself with a small gift after a month.

set the "touch button", which should be simple, obvious and easy to implement.

the so-called "touch the button" is that when you see or remember something, you take action immediately without procrastination.

for example, if you want to read before going to bed, put a book under the pillow. When you touch the book, you immediately put down what you are doing, open the book and read a few pages.

if you want to get into the habit of getting up early and running in the morning, set an alarm clock. Get up immediately and go for a run when the alarm goes off.

form a habit of repeating between "touch button" and "reward".

between "touch button" and "reward", repeat, and stick to it.

A behavior when you persist for more than 21 days, the body will remember this action, forming a natural habit.

educator Horaman once said:

"habit is like a cable, we wrap a new rope around it every day, and it won't take long to become unbreakable."

Dong Qing reads for an hour every night before going to bed.

Lei Haiwei, a takeout who beat Lei Haiwei, a master's degree from Peking University, at the "Chinese Poetry Conference". Every time he waited for a meal, he would take out a poem and recite two sentences.

Pepsi Chairman Steve Raynimand gets up at 5 o'clock every day and runs 6 kilometers on the treadmill for decades.

what a man sows is habit, but what he reaps is behavior; if he acts continuously, he reaps fate.

, starting from today, the management habit is quietly top-notch.