Being generous and stingy is a skill.

Being generous and stingy is a skill.

May you not be worried about material service or money, and enjoy the beauty of controlling your life.

Oscar Wilde has a famous saying:

"when I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in the world, but now that I'm old, I know it's true."

80% of the difficulties in life can be solved with money, and the remaining 20% can also be alleviated by money.

however, everyone knows that money is important, but they can't lose face to save money.

for ordinary people, wealth is accumulated bit by bit without windfall.

being generous and stingy and living in a down-to-earth manner is the real decency.

people pretend to be dignitaries, and then they suffer

I have heard such a sentence:

"living in modern society, in a sense, is living in 'consumption'."

many people are keen to boast their value with luxury goods and boost their self-confidence with high consumption.

as a result, it is normal for many people to spend in advance, overdraw on credit cards and repay monthly installment loans.

but in fact, gritting your teeth and pretending to be rich is burying mines for your own life.

my friend Xiao Chen is engaged in sales, with a mediocre performance, earning less than 10,000 a month, but spending money like water.

he buys new clothes every quarter, and buys several sets of brand-name new models as soon as he buys them.

We should also use high-end brands for daily necessities, and there are many online celebrities who can't afford to buy them by installments.

on weekends or holidays, he also likes to invite a group of friends to dinner and rush to check out every time he finishes, as if he has more money than anyone else.

the original budget was less than 100,000, but in order to show off, the wedding photo, the hotel, the wedding car, and the wedding team all followed the highest standards.

the wedding was really beautiful, but he put in two or three hundred thousand, and in the end he had to borrow money everywhere.

received a large amount of gift money, he also took to return to friends and lending institutions.

at the end of the year, the company began to default on wages because of the economic downturn.

with no savings and an installment loan, he is worried about money every day.

nowadays, he always sighs and regrets that he should not "pretend to be rich".

as the saying goes: "

save face and suffer.


within the limits of my ability, strive to improve the quality of life and make a living.

but in order to satisfy vanity, swollen faces and fat people will only drag themselves down.

the external light is fleeting, but the debts owed and the pressure on them will accumulate over time.

No one will pay for the money you pretend to be but yourself.

it is the greatest sobriety for a person to live what kind of life he has.

it is not shameful to be stingy, but to be short of money is to worry about people

there are several "stingy groups" on Douban, gathering money-saving gods who come up with their own tricks.

some people stay every day to write code and learn to read in order to get the company's free midnight snacks.

some people think that the fish sold in the vegetable market is too expensive, so they buy a cage and go fishing in the river.

some people are reluctant to put the whole egg when cooking, beat the egg into egg liquid and freeze it, using only a small piece at a time.

there are also people who are reluctant to throw away the sunscreen at the bottom, cut the bottle with scissors and continue to use it, without any waste.

even the finished yogurt bottle can be transformed into a chopstick basket after being washed and dried.

all kinds of stingy tricks can only be expected by others, and they cannot be done without them.

although they looked poor and stingy, they saved a lot of money before they knew it.

Wang Shenai, known as "the first Sister of the Group", "stingy" two apartments in Nanjing nine years after graduation.

she and her husband are both engaged in the IT industry, belong to the high-income group, but never follow the trend of consumption.

save more than 90% of your salary every month, leaving only 1000 yuan for living expenses.

the money to buy clothes is no more than 100 yuan all year round, except for underwear, clothes and shoes, all pick up second-hand goods eliminated by friends.

do not attend classmate reunion, colleagues dinner, daily necessities basically rely on all kinds of app wool, transportation expenses all rely on coupons.

even when eating in the company canteen, she felt particularly distressed to see someone wasting food.

this kind of "stinginess" deep into the bone marrow aroused the disgust of many netizens and ridiculed her as a "miser".

however, Wang Shenai thinks:

Select a popular knee length elegant cocktail evening dresses and elongate your body figure? Find a design that is perfect for you, they will bring a whole new level to your wardrobe.

"it is better to have money than to eat old, and much more leisurely than to borrow everywhere when you are short of money."

Yes, it's not easy for ordinary people to make money. If they want to live a good life, they have to be stingy when it's time to be stingy.

there is a saying that has been circulating for a long time on the Internet:

"the greatest advantage of saving money is the high rate of fault tolerance in life, no matter what you have done wrong can be made up in time.

to put it bluntly, adults' retreat is all given by the money in the card.

instead of caring about the eyes of others, learn to be responsible for your own future.

put down your face, cover your wallet, and the money you really save is the armor to protect you from the wind and rain.

it is a skill to save money generously

Zhang ailing once said:

"I like money, because I have suffered without money and don't know the disadvantages of money."Only know the benefits of money. "

the world is changeable and the reality is cruel. If you want to live a comfortable and secure life, you have to make money and save money.

in the era when the desire for consumption is infinitely magnified, how can we save money openly?

next, I'd like to share with you a few tips for saving money.

Planning consumption and savings

after the monthly income comes to the account, we can first divide the money into three parts: daily basic consumption, enjoyable expenses, and monthly fixed savings.

basic daily consumption is essential for food, clothing, housing and transportation, such as food, rent, water and electricity.

enjoyment expenses are social and entertainment ways such as eating with friends, shopping, watching movies and so on.

for example, after receiving a monthly salary, save 30% of your income first, and then spend the rest on consumption.

in this way, it won't be long before you can reap an amazing account balance.

take stock of income and expenditure

only save money, do not keep an account, there will still be the confusion of "I don't know where all the money has been spent".

learn to record daily expenses and know the details of consumption, so that you can develop a good concept of "spending money on the edge" by optimizing your consumption habits.

eating out is expensive, so try to cook for yourself a few more times.

if the transportation fare is too high, you should take fewer taxis and take the subway and bus as far as possible.

if daily necessities are expensive, try to change to a more cost-effective brand....

increasing revenue and reducing expenditure is the secret of getting richer and richer.

distinguish between "demand" and "desire"

have you been particularly obsessed with a product at a certain time? Feel like you have to buy it?

however, when you look at it after a while, you will often find that you don't need it.

some friends around me usually save money, but as long as they see something, such as new bags, beautiful but impractical home decorations, I can't help but place orders on impulse.

however, the frequency of buying things is not high, and savings are quickly emptied.

so every time we want to go shopping, we can try to make a list and, after careful consideration, cross out items that are not necessary for daily use.

over time, you will not only slowly save a lot of money, but also effectively control your desire to spend.

I have seen a deeply touched remark on the Internet:

I am just an ordinary person, doing an ordinary job and living an ordinary life.

when the future is no longer full of infinite possibilities, what I can do is try to change what I have now, such as saving for most risks and surprises.

in this world, no one doesn't need money, and the strength of adults is mostly given by money.

when you are short of money, you don't have to put on a fat face and waste blindly, which will only increase your burden.

when saving money, you don't have to worry about losing face, saving adds up in order to resist risks and accidents.

be generous and stingy, don't spend what you shouldn't spend, save a penny is a penny, is the greatest skill of adults.

, for the rest of your life, may you not be worried about material service or money, but enjoy the beauty of controlling your life.