Be a man, don't lose your conscience; do something, don't hurt the heart.

Be a man, don't lose your conscience; do something, don't hurt the heart.

As long as you keep that heart well, everything will go better.

French writer La Rochefoucauld said: "sincerity is an opening of the mind."

the best communication between people is sincerity.

to do things according to conscience; to be a man, to live magnanimously with sincerity.

in life, no matter how hard it is, you can't lose your conscience and hurt people's hearts.

only when you do things with your conscience can you do great things; when you treat others with your heart, you will meet dignitaries.

be a man, don't lose your conscience

Guo Moruo said: "the saddest thing for a person is the death of his conscience."

conscience is a person's greatest wealth and the highest personality charm.

people with a conscience will have a wider and wider road to life.

in 1836, Lincoln passed the exam and became a lawyer.

he has a high reputation in the local area, so many people come to him to help with the lawsuit.

but there is a condition for him to help the client defend, that is, the party must be a just party.

people who have no money just tell Lincoln that they are on the side of justice and ask for help to get justice, and Lincoln is willing to help him even if there is no labor fee.

once, a rich man wanted to ask Lincoln to defend himself.

after listening to the rich man's statement, he found that the lawsuit was framing a good man.

so Lincoln said, "I'm sorry, I can't defend you, because what you did was unjust."

the rich man said, "I just want you to help me fight this unjust lawsuit. As long as I win, you can get paid as much as you want."

Lincoln said solemnly:

"it's easy to win this case, but it's not fair. If I take your case, I'll go against my conscience. I can't lie against my conscience." So please ask someone else to be wise. I can't help you. "

his actions won praise from people, and later, many people supported him in the election, which allowed him to start his political career.

Maugham said: "conscience is the sentry of each and every one of us, where it stands guard, watching us not to do anything illegal."

conscience is not only the basic bottom line for a person to do things, but also the embodiment of character.

people with conscience will stick to the moral bottom line, while those without conscience will break the moral bottom line.

whether a person has a sense of achievement or not lies not in how much he has, but in whether he is at ease.

people with a conscience will not touch the bottom line and will make themselves more comfortable.

do something, don't hurt people

hypocrisy and deceit are all acts that hurt people's hearts.

everyone's heart is fragile, and once it is hurt, it is hard to fix it.

hypocrisy is not as good as sincerity; deception is not as good as sincerity.

in the Song Dynasty, Chen Shanghua, a doctor of remonstrance, was walking in the yard as usual. when he passed the stable, he found that the fierce horse, which was difficult to tame, was missing.

he asked the servant who was feeding the horse, "where is that fierce horse?"

the servant said, "the horse was bought by the Childe's friend."

Chen Shenghua was very angry when he heard this and said in a loud voice, "this is outrageous!"

with that, he went to find his son and asked him:

"aren't you deceiving and hurting your friend when you sell it to your friend knowing that even the trainer can't tame it? You hurry and get the horse back. "

after hearing his father's words, son Chen Yaozi immediately went to find a friend.

when his friend was upset about the horse, Chen Yaozi took the initiative to take the horse back and apologized to him.

my friend was very moved: "I have a kind friend like you who is worth it, otherwise I will lose too much this time."

Zhu Xi said, "deceiving others is also self-deception, and this is self-deception."

deceiving others is deceiving yourself.

because it is easy to hurt people, but difficult to caress them.

people who hurt people's hearts will be far away and alienated, and the road of life will become narrower and narrower.

people who win the hearts and minds of the people, no matter what they do, they will always have help. They can turn things into misfortunes and tide them out of danger.

so don't hurt people by doing things.

it's hard to find, so cherish it when you meet it.

there is a poem in the ancients: "the feeling of sincerity is common to every touch."

between people, the most sincere time is to exchange hearts for hearts.

people's hearts are mutual, exchanging the truth for the truth; feelings are all mutual, and the heart is warm.

in the hospital, a patient with a sudden illness was sent to the hospital by a friend.

the patient has fainted and passed out.

after a series of examinations, the doctor told the patient's friends that the operation should be performed immediately and that relatives should make an immediate decision and raise the operation fee, otherwise their lives would be in danger.

the friend used the patient's cell phone to contact his relatives. As a result, the relatives far away from home said that they had cut off contact a long time ago and could not control it, so they let him die outside.

my friends and the doctors and nurses present are very helpless.

after a while, the nurse found that the patient's friend was gone.

and said to the doctor, "Please try your best to treat him. I have just withdrawn the money and paid the operation fee."

the doctor also kindly advised: "We still have to contact his relatives. The cost of this operation is not low." In case of an accident, who should you reason with? "

thatA friend said: "it doesn't matter, I am his friend, usually he is very kind to me, but also helped me, now I have the money to pay for the operation, should be."

doctors and nurses said with emotion, "if you can do something at this time, you are true friends!"

some people say that heart for heart is the fairest deal in the world.

Desiring to be the Belle of the ball with top quality yet low priced off the shoulder trumpet wedding wear? The largest choice of superb dresses with discounted prices.

this is true.

if you are true, I am true, and if you fake me, turn around.

it is a very lucky thing to have several people who treat each other sincerely in this life.

if our friends are sincere to us, we should repay them with sincerity.

it's hard to find it, so cherish it when you meet it.

Mencius said, "those who respect others will always respect them; those who love others will always love them."

if you have a conscience, you will be respected; if you don't hurt others, you will get close; if you know how to change your heart, you will have relatives.

it is often said that dealing with the world is a discipline, but in fact, the core of this knowledge lies in that heart.

to be a man, do not lose your conscience; to do things without hurting the hearts of the people is the real way to deal with the world.

as long as you keep that heart well, everything will go better.