After watching the CCTV drama "the World" at the beginning of the year, I understand: why is it that the better the children are, the lonelier the parents are?

After watching the CCTV drama "the World" at the beginning of the year, I understand: why is it that the better the children are, the lonelier the parents are?

Love them more before it's too late.

the TV series "the World" has been scrubbed on the screen these days.

the experience of the Zhou family's three children in the play has naturally become the subject of heated discussion.

after the resumption of the college entrance examination, the eldest brother Zhou Bingyi and the second sister Zhou Rong were successfully admitted to Peking University with a bright future.

but Zhou Bingkun, played by Lei Jiayin, entered the soy sauce factory because of his poor grades and became an "old pimple" in the eyes of his parents.

A few years later, Zhou Bingyi became the governor's son-in-law, Zhou Rong married a poet in Beijing, and Zhou Bingkun fell in love with a widow with a child and a blind brother.

when the neighbors mentioned Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong, they were full of envy, but seldom praised Zhou Bingkun.

but what they don't see is that Zhou Bingkun and his wife have been taking care of Zhou Bingkun since his mother was paralyzed.

every time something happens to the Zhou family, Zhou Bingkun is also the first to rush in front of the family to solve problems and protect the family from wind and rain.

but even though he has been trying to support the family, his parents still think that he is not as good as his brother and sister.

I have to say, this kind of plot really makes people feel difficult.

in life, there are also many parents who want their children to succeed and their daughters to be successful, eager to train their children to be successful at home.

but what they don't know is:

excellent children live to save face for their parents, but at the same time they are busy becoming people whose parents don't see each other all the year round.

some time ago, I saw a video on the Internet, and I was deeply impressed.

an octogenarian granny in Zhuzhou, Hunan province, tells her loneliness in front of the camera.

"I am so lonely.

A person, my children, are not by my side, and now I am so lonely.

my daughter, America, and my son, Guangzhou, have eight grandchildren, all of whom are not by my side.

Why? For a living, for their families.

but I'm alone now, and I don't know how to live.

I'm too lazy to cook three meals a day.

in the past, when people ate my food and my food, they all said that I was the best cook.

now, I can't even eat my own food. "

look at

many netizens burst into tears after this video.

at the bottom of the video, the most popular comment is this comment:

"the children with good grades are here to take revenge, and the children with poor grades are here to repay their favours. Although they are not entirely correct, they still have a point."

when young, parents always try their best to lift their children to high places.

when he is old, he discovers that the better the child is, the farther away he is from his parents.

just like the old man who suffers from loneliness in the video, his pain is not because his children are not promising, but just because of the lack of companionship of their children.

what is even more sad is that such examples are not uncommon in life.

after successful studies, some children fly farther and farther away, and finally settle abroad.

some children cut through difficulties in their careers, desperately get out of the barren place of their hometown, and finally take root and buy a house in the big city.

parents thought that the better their children's future, the better their own days would come.

but helplessly, the children's steps are so big that their parents can no longer keep up.

because they do not want to cause trouble to their children, they finally choose to give their children freedom, stay where they are, and endure the agony of living alone for decades.

A report by the National Office on Aging shows that

in 2020, the number of empty nesters in China has exceeded 118 million, and by 2030, the whole figure will exceed 200 million.

these old people were unaccompanied when they died, and no one even knew when some of them died.

the fact that they have nothing to rely on is the truest portrayal of their old age.

such a thing happened in a community in Bengbu, Anhui Province.

A resident suddenly heard a tapping sound coming from afar. When he approached, he found that a naked old man was lying on the balcony at his door, knocking laboriously on the washbasin.

the enthusiastic resident wanted to go in and help the old man, but found the door could not be opened, so he had to call the police for help.

the scene was booed after the firemen broke through the door.

the old man who fell to the ground, hungry and thirsty, was obviously out of his mind, and the food at home had become moldy and worms.

after asking, the firefighters learned that the old man had fallen to the ground four days ago.

he was too old and frail to get up, so he stayed naked on the balcony for four days and nights.

it is hard to imagine how desperate he was when he knocked on the washbasin again and again, but no one answered.

but what's really sad about this is that his children live in the same city as him.

but even if they are not far apart, they have not visited him for more than 20 days.

similar tragedies also occurred in Nanjing.

in 2017, an old man in Nanjing left a suicide note to read and cry countless people.

"Xiaoqing, I left last night (August 15th of the lunar calendar), and I felt at ease when I left.

when you are told to come to the funeral, first put the key in the nightstand on your body, then let the small root drain the water and mop up the floating dust on the floor (you can't sweep it), and then wipe the dust off the tables and chairs with a wet dishcloth, so that the windows will not be stained with ventilation. "

it happened to be the Mid-Autumn Festival, which was supposed to be a day of family reunion, but the old man had a premonition of his own death.

without disturbing or bothering his children, he told the story on a piece of paper, and the old man died alone.

she thought that the children would find out their death the next day, but it was not until two months later that her children learned the news of her death from her neighbors.

someone said, "the furthest distance in the world is not the distance between two cities, but your parents lying on the ground while you are lying in his address book."

this is not only a person's sorrow, but also a group's hidden pain.

these old people living alone may be our parents, but they are more likely to be ourselves decades later.

after the Spring Festival holiday, people who return to their hometown for the Spring Festival begin to rework one after another.

maybe under the pressure of life, or for the sake of their dreams, they can only leave their homes and go to other cities.

and the parents became the ones they "left" behind.

A man and a family of four left home after the Lunar New year in Xinxiang, Henan Province.

No sooner had he left home than he saw two old people in the rearview mirror.

it turns out that after saying goodbye to him, his father and grandmother have been silently following his car, just to get a closer look at them.

in Liaoning, a netizen returned to his hometown to be reunited with his father on the first Spring Festival after his mother left.

Happy days are fleeting.

watching his daughter leave, the father, who was usually like a mountain, could not help but wet his eyes.

he has just lost his wife, and now he is about to "lose" his daughter.

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on February 18, a netizen in Jilin failed to say goodbye to his mother on his way back to catch the bus.

when he got on the bus, he was a little worried and thought his mother would be sad.

when he turned on the monitoring, he saw that his 62-year-old mother was sitting at home crying alone because of his departure.

I think of a very heartbreaking sentence: "how happy my parents are when they are reunited, how lonely they are when they leave."

when people are old, they look forward to reunion most.

the parents' happiest days are just a few days when they get together.

the moment of return is for us to go to our own poems and distance, but for our parents, it is the beginning of their loneliness.

there is a topic on the Internet: "what kind of life do our parents live when we leave home?"

an answer stung me:

"when we go home, the dishes on the table are the most abundant, all we like to eat, and after we leave, our parents' three meals a day are so simple that they are poignant."

these are Chinese parents.

they always leave the best to us, but they always feel that they don't give enough.

they don't want us to leave, and they don't have the heart to stop us from pursuing our lives.

in their hearts, their children always come first.

and as children, what do we bring to our parents?

when young, many people always want to wait for a long time to come, wait until they have a successful career, and then take their time to fulfill their filial piety.

unexpectedly, children can wait, parents can't wait, and some people miss it forever.

Ji Xianlin has been unable to let go of his mother's death:

"I really regret that the last thing I should have is to leave my mother.

Yes, parents are here, life still has a place to come, parents go, life is only the way home.

it is only in this life that we should not wait until it is too late to regret our fate with our parents.

struggle and companionship are dilemmas.

but there is always time to call your parents and chat with them.

Don't think it doesn't matter, they really need it.

, love them more before it's too late.

Don't let parents feel that they are a burden, let alone let their children's filial piety become a pity.