After that happened, the story of my lover in a previous life caused a sensation in the whole street.

After that happened, the story of my lover in a previous life caused a sensation in the whole street.

The person I should thank most in my life is obviously him.

Liu Xiao who writes stories




my mother said that my father's mouth became sweet only after he had a daughter.

when I was born in the summer of 1995, everyone sighed with a sigh: why is this girl so black?

my mother was almost ugly and cried by me.

only my dad, incoherent with delight:

"listen, my daughter cries so loudly and healthily. You can see that her fingers are so long and thin that you can see that her eyes are inside."

In short, my father used to be the kind of mother who changed her hair and clothes and asked him if she was beautiful, and he just said, "what's the difference?"

but with me, he becomes much more cheerful, and whenever he talks about me, he can always talk.

all my shortcomings turned into advantages to him: "Black Beauty", "how energetic to breast-feed" and "clever eyes."

even Grandma couldn't listen any longer and said to him, "praise gently, and you're not afraid of other people's jokes."


the low-key and introverted father did not rein in because of this.

on the contrary, as I grow up day by day, he appreciates me in many ways.

he is a slightly humble man in life, but with me, he becomes an enigmatic and confident father.

I inherited and carried forward my mother's skin.

my mother is just not white, but I am black, and my relatives call me "little black girl."

every time someone shouted, my father corrected it very seriously: "call my daughter seven."

later, when I was older and called myself a little black girl, my father wouldn't correct it and laughed straight away.

my mother asked him, "Why aren't you serious now?"

my father plausibly said, "my daughter yelled like that because she was big-hearted and confident. Like others, it was a nickname, but the nature was different."

from then on, we two often talked about my black.

my father says it's not black, it's called wheat color. In order to pursue this color, many foreigners apply olive oil to expose themselves on the beach.

"Dad, do you know what good it is to be black? It's hard to find when you play hide-and-seek. When you pick me up in kindergarten, you'll recognize me all of a sudden. "

Dad said, "Yes, it's called excellence."

because of my father, I gradually feel that skin color is not my weakness, but my characteristic, so I don't have to feel inferior because of it.


Father is a person who spoils his children very much, a father who has no principles for his children in the eyes of others.

I remember that when I was a child, I liked to go to the Bird Forest best, almost every week.

when I first went, like other children, I wanted what I saw, such as marshmallows, paper windmills, ballpoint pens made of beautiful feathers, ice cream, roast sausages.

the parents of the children who went with them became impatient after they asked for more than three things.

as a result, children make trouble, parents scold and even fight, and the whole bird forest strolls out, adults and children are furious.

my father is different. He buys whatever I want. Tuhao is so rich that I am so happy that I explode.

look at my mother again, pulling my father's skirt again and again, indicating that he will spoil me.

my father was unmoved and insisted on giving me whatever I wanted: "Buy, spend all the money you have in your pocket today."

after coming out of the Bird Forest, my father specially took me home through the largest wholesale toy market in the city.

compared with the toys in the toy market, the miscellaneous things bought by Bird Yulin are really weak.

God knows how sorry I was at that time. I was insatiably greedy in the birdsong forest and spent all my money.

I marveled and admired the past all the way, and my father was still there to encourage: "if you go further, there should be something better."

Yes, we can only look at it.


When I got home that day, I looked at a bunch of bits and pieces brought back from Bird's Forest, mumbling that I wanted to return them for the furry bear in the toy market.

after playing there, I will go to the Bird's Forest. I won't ask for anything. Instead, I think those crying children are very naive.

including still going to the wholesale toy market after going to the Bird language Forest, I slowly just stroll around and appreciate it, and I'm not in a hurry to ask my father to pay the bill.

it was only when I grew up that I realized how clever my father was.

he taught me how to delay gratification and make me believe that the best thing in life is to wait patiently.


in the eyes of my father, I am the best child in the world, not one.

Compared to the clever and clever lady of the neighbor's child, I am a tomboy.

my mother took her as an example to educate me more than once, but my father smiled and said, "I still like my daughter, who is bold and unrestrained, and doesn't change her for a son."

when I was in kindergarten, there was a performance report at the end of every year. The children sang and danced on the stage, and the parents watched it below.

as for me, I made a fool of myself on the stage for the first time. All the children were seriously engaged in the performance, but I was suddenly attracted by the animation of the teacher's soundtrack on the big screen. I couldn't hear anyone shouting and didn't look back.

when the children's performance was over and the animation was over, I turned around and applauded with the children like nothing happened.

that day, my mother felt very embarrassed and asked me if it was my whole life.You've never seen a cartoon?

but Dad said:

"my daughter's psychological quality is good, she reacts quickly, she knows she didn't take part in the performance, and when she comes back, she applauds harder than anyone else."

my mother said that my father was a man who praised other people's special poverty, but praised his daughter for coming as soon as she opened her mouth and told lies with her eyes open.


later, when I went to school, my score was always the tenth from the bottom of the class.

when I went home with such a report card for the first time, my mother turned green with anger.

but Dad doesn't care at all:

"you have to think it's the tenth from the bottom, but why don't you think it's 36th in the class? Besides, learning is only one aspect. How come my daughter won the first place in the high jump in the whole school? "

after listening to my father, I made up my mind to give him a long face in the top ten of my class.

it's a pity that I really don't seem to be the learning material.

finish the homework so carefully, review assiduously, and only enter the middle of the class in the final exam.

I was so depressed that I felt like my life was over.

my mother was also hit hard, but my father, after seriously recalling the achievements of himself and my mother at school, came to the conclusion: "your mother and I are both proper low achiever, and you are much better than we were."

then, he folded his fingers and counted my strengths. I had a good personality, many friends, organized work, courage and carefulness.

What moved me was the look on my father's face when he said these words.

it seems that I am not a low achiever, but the best child in the world.


after I stumbled through high school, I was faced with a choice between my last junior college and my job.

my mother firmly said that she had to go to school before she could be promoted to a junior college.

I made it clear to my parents: "study has almost finished my few self-confidence overdrafts. Leave me alone."

as a result, my father decided: "you can't let my daughter lose her self-confidence and learn from us. Go and do what you want to do. Don't think about making money first. Your parents will still pay for you to go to college."

my mother said, "I've never seen such a spoiled child."

my father disagreed: "this is not used to, it is support, two different things."

my mother asked him, "do you support your daughter's desire to get married and have children now?"

my father was not annoyed at all and smiled at my mother: "you are wrong, my daughter is not that stupid."

so my mother stared at me suspiciously: "say, are you in a relationship with that punk from your school?"

I nodded, and then God patted my mother on the shoulder: "Don't worry, Mom, as the apple of your eye, I have no lack of love. His love can't move me."

I still remember my father was overjoyed at that time, almost patting his chest and admiring himself with surprise:

"I told you, my daughter, she definitely doesn't dig into the basket or eat. To tell you the truth, wherever she goes in the future, I will feel at ease. "

sometimes, I wonder, "Dad, don't I have any dissatisfaction or disappointment?"

my father just smiled and said, "Yes." You have an incompetent father, and that's what I don't like most about you. "


it took me many years to tell my father that he was one of the best dads in the world.

after graduating from high school, I first sold clothes for others, and then opened a clothing store with them.

when the clothing store made a lot of money, I began to go to Guangzhou thirteen banks to do clothing wholesale.

after working for two years and making some money, I began to think about opening my own factory again.

then I encountered the biggest routine of my life, when the factory I rented was told it was an illegal building and was demolished within a time limit.

before I found a new place to put the equipment, the partner ran away with the money.


In the end, the factory was razed to the ground, and the original factory with more than 30 people was left with me and designer Wang Peng.

what is desperate?

but for some reason, I didn't shed a single tear after it happened.

but calmly wrote IOUs to each worker who was leaving, called several especially close friends, and put the equipment in the factory in their homes and garages.

of course, some friends saw that I was in trouble, and as soon as the phone got through, they said, "Qiqi, I have encountered some difficulties in business recently. Do you think you can help me?"

however, some friends called on their own initiative and asked for the card number without saying anything.

another friend vacated his factory in the suburbs overnight and let me move in.

To tell you the truth, I am not afraid of such a big thing on me.

as soon as I cross my mind, I think: it's already the worst, so solve it for the better. Everything will be all right.


in those days, Wang Peng was always by my side, helping me with all kinds of troubles.

he later became my husband, which is later, and has nothing to do with this article, .

after settling down, I invited Wang Peng to dinner.

for that meal, I ordered a case of beer as a sign of getting drunk, and then woke up to fight again.

I think I was very excited that day, and I didn't get drunk, so I went to sleep when I went back to the factory at night.

the next day, Wang Peng told me that yesterdayNot a word about the factory was mentioned at night, but the whole story was about me and my father.

Wang Peng said, "I finally know why your heart is so big and why you are so calm. It turns out that you have a great father."


hearing what Wang Peng said, I finally couldn't hold back.

difficulties and bankruptcy can't beat me, but when I bravely clean up the mess, I miss my father so much.

if he hadn't always thought that I was a brave, righteous, excellent, confident girl, how could I face such a big thunder in life without fear?

but it turns out that I have been working hard to run, just to live up to the high expectations of myself that he had placed on me!

At that moment, I missed my father madly and believed that I would make a comeback.

so I went home.


the day after I got home, I asked my parents to accompany me to the Bird Forest.

as I grow up, the forest of birds seems to be getting smaller, but the stalls selling all kinds of small handicrafts are still there.

as soon as I walked in, I felt cured when I heard the crisp cry of the birds.

there are still many children who happily go in with their parents, and then adults and children come out angrily.

the adult said that the child was too greedy, and the child cried, "I just want that toy."... "

that scene is really nostalgic.

I took my father by the arm and said to him, "you still have a way. this has never happened to me."

my dad said a classic saying:

"the best way for a child to have a good character is to keep him happy. Only when one is happy, can one listen to reason and then be a reasonable person. "

my mother robbed him: "Don't preach, don't beautify your spoiled children."