After middle age of ​, please live a low-cost life.

After middle age of ​, please live a low-cost life.

If you can't start over, please love yourself.

when people reach a certain age, they go to recycle.

when you reach middle age, you are on the verge of half a slope.

the pressure of life is coming, and the time and energy are not as good as before.

the once lively communication and the crisscross life bring us no longer pleasure and satisfaction, but fatigue and powerlessness.

after so many years of dealing with life, I have come to understand that when people reach middle age, they should learn to live a low-cost life.

the so-called low consumption is to reduce the burden of life and let the heart return to peace.

low material consumption

some people say, "all our pain is because we are not good at filtering."

Cartoon master Cai Zhizhong used to be infatuated with material life. He loved buying cars and houses. At most, he owned ten houses.

but then he realized that there is no cost-free possession in this world-what you have, you are also owning you.

so he began to live a simple life.

the diet is basically clear porridge and steamed bread.

he said, "just buy a big bag of steamed bread at a time, put it in the refrigerator, heat it up when you eat it, and put some tofu on it."

he hardly goes out, no watch, no business card, no cell phone, no phone.

apart from sleeping, he spends all his time and energy on reading, writing and drawing, which he likes.

Thoreau once said, "A man's wealth is proportional to the amount of things he can give up."

anything complicated and superfluous is an obstacle and a consumption.

when people reach middle age, the best way to live is to adjust their lives to "low consumption" mode.

reduce unnecessary material desires and obsession, simplify life and make your heart clear and clear.

those days are worth living when they are not enslaved by material things.

low emotional consumption

half of my life has passed, and when I look at it, I can see that there are not only endless sufferings, but also inexplicable worries.

wake up with emotion every day, and go to sleep with emotion, surrounded by emotion all the time.

sometimes it only takes a moment to collapse.

maybe it's a subway missed at work, maybe it's a math problem that a child does wrong, maybe it's an old dress that can't be found.

in psychology, there is a word called emotional exhaustion.

means that if an individual's emotional resources are consumed too much, people will be exhausted and lose their energy.

once emotions are exhausted, people are like a deflated ball, which can pierce you at the slightest move.

it can be seen that negative emotions are no less exhausting than tiredness.

after middle age, we should protect our emotional resources to avoid emotional exhaustion.

when you are irritable, you might as well run downstairs in the community and let the boredom go out with the sweat.

when you are sad, read a good book, watch a movie, and turn your attention to something you like.

as the saying goes: nourishing the heart is expensive to be quiet, indifferent is suitable for sex.

Life is a practice. Only when you are emotionally stable can you be calm.

low social consumption

when people reach middle age, there are more and more things, and time is more and more limited.

ineffective communication, in addition to adding burden and energy, will not have a better experience.

Yu Qiuyu once said frankly: "in interpersonal communication, often lose weight and detoxification, will easily take the future road."

A high quality of life starts with low social consumption.

when Zeng Guofan was young, there was hardly a day when he was not sociable.

Do you want to shop black dress short hoco to appear delightfully charming and bring your figure clearly? We have it all – a perfect choice for the most formal and casually informal occasions.

there are more than 100 friends who often associate with each other. Receive or visit dozens of friends a day at most.

caught up in countless entertainments and dinners, he gradually felt tired and had no time for learning, and the whole person regressed very badly.

so he woke up and lived a "low consumption" life.

he formulated a strict self-cultivation plan, that is, the "Twelve rules of Day classes", including "staying out at night-- absenteeism and exhaustion, abstinence and abstinence."

Tseng Kuo-fan believes that going out for fun at night will deplete people's energy, look tired, and neglect self-cultivation, so they must be given up.

indeed, lingering in the noise is a huge and lasting self-depletion.

instead of spending energy in the crisscross of preparation, it is better to enrich yourself in serenity.

as the writer Xue Xiao Zen said:

"when people reach a certain age, they go to recycle. At last, they have a couple of bosom friends and a cup of shallow tea to make their life the way they want it to be."

it is the awakening that middle-aged people should have to spend limited time to do what they want to do and to spend time with people who are worth it.

low body consumption

as the saying goes, people look for diseases before the age of 35 and people after the age of 35.

the battlefield of middle-aged people is not only full of crises, but also like treading on thin ice.

Don't wait for a physical crisis to realize the fragility of life and the value of health.

A netizen @ Aoki shared a story and felt it very much.

after several years of life in 996, Aoki finally made it to the public

the middle level.

the endless overtime and KPI make him spin like a top, so he often feels tired and anxious to insomnia.

he always said, "if you are young and strong, you should make more money for your wife and children!"

until after staying up late and working overtime, he fainted on the station.

lying on the hospital bed and seeing a steady stream of payment bills, he realized:

making money cannot be made at the expense of health.

especially for middle-aged people, their physical condition is not as good as when they were young.

body parts need to be taken care of, you always use it, do not maintain, do not rest, wait until the parts can not move, the disease will come.

in the second half of life, good health is the big winner.

low mental consumption

once saw such a topic on Weibo: "how tired are mental internal friction?"

netizens have described the symptoms of internal friction:

care too much about the opinions of others;

other people's words, thinking for a long time; always entangled, a waste of time and energy; easy to attack themselves, belittle themselves …...

these states are mental energy-intensive modes.

once people fall into the mode of high energy consumption, energy will be consumed continuously.

Huang Jue once told an interesting story about Zhou Xun.

more than ten years ago, Huang Jue met Zhou Xun, who was wearing a pair of muffin shoes.

at first glance, Huang Chueh felt extremely incongruous, so he inadvertently said, "these shoes are too ugly."

unexpectedly, this sentence took root in Zhou Xun's heart. Every time he saw Huang Jue, Zhou Xun would ask, "Hey, do my shoes look good?"

Zhou Xun also said frankly that since then, going out to choose shoes has become a major obstacle in her life, and she doesn't know which pair to wear.

although more than ten years have passed, Zhou Xun is still bitter about it:

"Huang Jue is an important person in my life, how can you say my shoes are ugly?"

who would have thought that what Zhou Xun had been confused for more than ten years was just an unintentional remark by Huang Jue.

there is a saying: "too much sensitivity is a kind of unnecessary self-consumption."

in life, most of the mental friction is due to thinking too much.

when one is caught in endless delusions, it is easy to get tired.

as the saying goes: there is nothing in the world to worry about.

the world is very big and noisy.

when you reach a certain age, you can only get rid of the heavy mental burden by adjusting your spirit to the mode of low consumption.

remember that there is a passage in the collected works of the Mid-levels:

"the mill of life is so heavy that you think it crushes you, but in fact it teaches you delicacy and helps you present the details of your life so that you don't spend your life too rough."

after middle age, I have come to understand that a more and more tired life is a reminder that it is time for you to live a low-cost life.

, if you can't start over, please love yourself.