A spilled teapot (deep text)

A spilled teapot (deep text)

Dealing with things coldly is a kind of maturity in dealing with the world.

once upon a time, there was a man who accidentally got a precious purple sand teapot and loved it so much that he even put it at the head of his bed at night.

one night, when a man turned over in his sleep, he knocked the teapot over and the lid fell to the ground.

when I woke up, I was very annoyed and thought that the lid of the pot was gone, so what was the use of keeping the body of the pot?

so he grabbed the teapot and threw it out the window.

he didn't want to find that the lid of the pot happened to fall on the cotton-padded shoes after dawn, without the slightest damage.

the man wanted to cry without tears, annoyed and regretful, thinking that the teapot was gone, so what was the use of keeping the lid, he stepped on the lid and smashed it to pieces.

went out the door, only to see the teapot thrown out of the window last night, hanging intact on the branch.

after reading the story, it made people sigh. It was a pity for the owner of the teapot, and he felt that he had brought it on himself.

obviously there are two opportunities that can be saved, but he did not seize it, blindly acting in emotion, and can only miss out on the beauty of life.

in retrospect, who has never missed a teapot in his life?

suffered a little grievance at work, slapped the table and left angrily, and then resigned naked and fell into economic crisis.

in life, I lose my temper a little bit, and find that I have made a wrong decision, which is difficult to recover.

there is a saying: "when people have zero IQ when they are angry, it is the stupidest time to make a decision."

very often, when something happens indiscriminately and without a clear understanding of the cause, they take action rashly, only for a moment of pleasure, which often leads to regret and regret.

give yourself a little more time to think calmly before making a decision, and many things may end in a different way.

one day, Feng Dao wore his newly bought boots to visit and Ning. Coincidentally, he Ning asked his servant to go out two days ago and bought a pair of boots, which are the same as Feng Dao.

so he Ning asked Feng, "how much are your boots?"

Feng Tao unhurriedly raised his right foot and said, "it's very cheap, five hundred."

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when he Ning heard this, he became angry. He turned to the servant and slapped him and scolded, "exactly the same boots, why did you tell me you want a thousand?"

at this time, Feng Dao slowly raised his left foot and said, "this is only five hundred."

and Ning stood in the same place all of a sudden, very embarrassed and didn't know what to do.

most of the time, what we see is not necessarily true, and what we see is not necessarily the truth of the matter.

if you wait a little longer, there may be a different turn for the better.

be sure to let anger and irritability go to your head. Reckless behavior under impulse is very likely to cause irreparable mistakes.

on weekdays, he has to work and look after the children, which is very difficult.

so he kept a dog with a great understanding of human nature, fed the child before going to work, and let the dog look after it at home.

one day, he went to visit his friends after work and suddenly encountered heavy snow on his way home. He didn't get home until the early morning of the next day.

when he pushed the door, he found blood all over the floor, and he rushed into the bedroom. The dog was lying by the bed, shouting at him with blood all over its mouth, but the child was nowhere to be seen.

he concluded that the dog ate the child, rushed to his forehead with warm blood, swung the stick and beat the dog to death.

then he heard a faint cry under the bed and lay down to have a look. The child curled up at the bottom of the bed intact.

impulse is the devil, and you never know what it will cost you to do something out of your mind.

Shakespeare said:

who is the real hero who can keep calm in the midst of consternation, stabilize in anger, and stay awake in anger?

Don't say anything when you're angry, don't argue when you're upset.

in life, there is room for manoeuvre only if you have less impulse and give yourself more time to be calm and sober.

psychologist Dr. Ronald once said:

Storm anger, which often lasts no more than 12 seconds, can destroy everything when it breaks out, but then it is calm. If you control these 12 seconds, you can get rid of negative emotions.

the real master is to deal with the mood first, and then deal with things; first analyze the state of mind, and then analyze the situation.

in a pit hundreds of meters deep, several miners are working.

suddenly the miner's lamp malfunctioned and went out, and the absentees were very scared and scrambled everywhere to find a way out, but to no avail.

at this time, a miner said, "instead of looking so blindly, it's better to sit here and see if you can feel the wind, because the wind must have come from the mouth of the pit."

so the miners sat down and tried to feel the wind flow.

at first, everyone didn't feel anything. But after a while, their senses became sharp, and they gradually felt a faint wind on their faces.

Zeng Guofan said: "everything should be dealt with peacefully and gently. If you are in a hurry, you may make a mistake."

people in the case of emotional disorders, reason and IQ tend to decline, it is easy to make mistakes, can not find a way out.

when you want to get angry, don't rush to speak, calm down for 12 seconds, or leave the environment that makes you angry for a while;

encounterIf things don't go well, don't make a decision easily. Give yourself two days to relax, adjust your state, and then solve the problem.

Life is like a boxing match. The more impetuous you are, the more likely you are to get confused and lose your rational judgment.

when you put it aside in advance and give your emotions a little time to cool down, you can deal with problems rationally and have a good grasp of your life.

Mr. Lin Yutang once said:

A person who has a clean heart, clear thinking, and no superfluous emotions and delusions will bring sense of security to people.

because he does not hurt others, nor does he hurt himself; he does not cause trouble, nor does he trouble others.

dealing with things coldly is not only a kind of maturity in dealing with the world, but also a kind of transparent and open-minded wisdom.

May we all control ourselves, say goodbye to unpleasant emotions, live the present seriously, and embrace the good life for the rest of our lives.

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