8 little things that make people happy in an instant

8 little things that make people happy in an instant

I am in a good mood, I am much happier and my life is happier.


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Nietzsche said in the other side of good and Evil:

"if emotions are always out of control, they will be led by the nose by feelings and lose




We all expect to control our emotions, but we seldom think about how to manage them.

as the saying goes, there are signs of everything in the world.

if you want to make yourself feel better, these 8 little ways to control your emotions have learned to be used for life.

when tangled, write

Life is impermanent, full of all kinds of uncertainty.

when faced with a choice, we often fall into a mood of indecision and become restless.

as a result, the more entangled you are, the more confused you are, and the more you can't solve the problem.

at this point, we can write down our thoughts, analyze the pros and cons one by one, and pick out the best choice.

At the same time, writing is also a process of venting emotions.

it makes your mind clear in the process of writing.

some puzzles are easily solved before you know it.

as writer Wang Mai said, "Writing is an act of self-healing. On the one hand, it can heal the soul, on the other hand, it can expand life."

when you encounter confusion, you might as well pick up your pen and "unload" your problem.

when angry, be silent for ten seconds

in "three Billboards", there is a line: "anger only leads to deeper anger."

writer Li Shanglong once shared such a thing:

once, when he was driving, he saw that the light turned yellow and stopped.

Unexpectedly, the car behind kept honking its horn.

the driver also drove next to him and rolled down the window and shouted curses at him.

Li Shanglong was instantly angry, and when he was ready to scold him back, he felt that he was in the wrong mood.

After more than ten seconds of silence, his anger faded away, ignored the driver, and perfectly avoided a meaningless argument.

emotion management expert Ronald said:


Storm anger, which often lasts no more than 12 seconds, destroys everything when it breaks out, but then it is calm. If you control it for 12 seconds, you can get rid of negative emotions.


when you are angry, stop and be silent for tens of seconds.

you will find that your thoughts begin to wake up, and your previous anger will go with the wind.

at the trough, adjust your mindset

Life is like a roller coaster, which may go through countless peaks and troughs.

ups and downs, ups and downs, are all normal.

some people, in the trough, are unwilling to face it, so they will just sit back and wait for death and be depressed.

as a result, it has been stuck in the trough, unable to return to the peak.

while some people settle down first, analyze the reasons for falling into the trough, and review them.

while looking for a solution, don't forget to improve your skills.

whenever you want to be reborn in Nirvana, you must learn to stabilize your emotions and precipitate yourself.

when you achieve something, guard against arrogance and rashness

there are troughs and peaks in life, and we sometimes make brilliant achievements in a certain field.

but how far a person can go in this field depends on his attitude towards achievement.

A few years ago, 57-year-old Mo Yan became the first writer in China to win the Nobel Prize for literature.

but he was not conceited and complacent because of this honor and forgot his original heart.

On the contrary, it is not arrogant and impatient, forge ahead, and always remind yourself not to be complacent because of the achievements at hand.

eight years later, he wrote "late ripening people" and said modestly, "for eight years, I have been working hard, persisting in writing, or preparing for creation."

there are people outside the people, there are mountains outside the mountains, be a man, you must not get carried away.

only by standing on the new starting line with humility can we have a chance to reach a higher level.

when you are confused, read

Liang Xiaosheng has a saying that explains this problem very well:


the purpose of reading is not to achieve much, but to give you an inner strength when you are beaten back by life and trapped in the quagmire.


Reading when confused is to find the direction of life in the book and dispel anxiety and uneasiness.

at the peak of his career, Hu GE was suddenly involved in a car accident and suddenly fell into a situation where there was no drama to shoot, and he was at a loss as to what to do.

Fortunately, he chose to settle down and study.

by reading, he accepted his present experience and slowed down.

now, he has broken new ground in show business.

to read when you are confused is not only to find a way out when you are flustered, but also to understand yourself, accept your shortcomings, and live a better life.

introspection when you are alone

the world is complicated, and we are always moving forward, dealing with people and dealing with things endlessly.

the more time you spend alone, the less time you spend alone, and the mood becomes messy.

at this time, we need to press the pause button to give our hearts a holiday and leave ourselves some time to go for a walk and grow flowers.

just like Shu BenAs Hua said, "only when a person is alone can he be himself completely." Solitude is a test of one's strength. "

being alone is not to draw a line with others.

but, in a busy life, empty yourself.

Let yourself not listen to things outside the window, have time and space free from external interference, think about the present and find your inner strength.

when impulsive, do not make a decision

people often say that impulse is the devil.

in life, we often get excited because of some unpleasant things.

at this time, both reason and IQ are offline, and it is often easy to do some radical behavior.

it was only when he calmed down afterwards that he felt guilty, but it was too late.

the scary thing is that you never know what you will do on impulse;

you never know if you can clean up the mess after the impulse.

therefore, when you encounter unpleasant things, it is better to deal with the mood first and cool down the mood.

deal with things after calmness and when you come to your senses.

under impulse, having a stable state of mind is the greatest responsibility for yourself.

push yourself when carrying a heavy load

someone asked: "how to spend a difficult time?"

A high praise replied, "go down with clenched teeth."


there are nine out of ten difficulties in life.

it is common to encounter difficulties, and it is useless to escape.

it's easy to give up, but it's cool to persist.

the more difficult the moment, the more determined you are to endure it.

"although the tsunami has come, the cherry blossoms still bloom."

in many cases, success may be one step short of success.

if you don't push yourself hard, you'll never know you could be so good.

sa Bei said, "if you decide to be brilliant, the mountains will not be blocked and the sea will not be covered."

Please remember, if you live up to Castle Peak, Castle Peak will not fail you.

I like what the author Liu Na said very much: "emotion is a gun. When we pull the trigger of emotion, the gun is actually aimed at ourselves."

instead of being a slave to emotion, wait until the emotion breaks out, and then regret it.

from now on, learn these 8 tips to dominate your emotions and keep yourself in a healthy mood all the time.

when you are in a good mood, you will find that things go well, worry less, are much happier, and life is happier.



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