5 little things, enrich yourself (good in depth)

5 little things, enrich yourself (good in depth)

Everyone is looking for who he really is all his life.

each of us is on the road of spiritual practice all our lives.

in this short period of a few decades, enriching yourself is the best way to practice.

it is common and simple to enrich yourself.

Let's do these five things in an ordinary day.

Reading, enriching the soul

Zeng Guofan said: "Human temperament is difficult to change, but reading can change its temperament."

people who are soaked in the smell of books speak elegantly and naturally have an aura and stillness on their faces.

Reading is like a trip, peeping into the world and human feelings in the author's works.

Books can accompany us through every peak and trough in our lives.

in the days when he was relegated, he achieved transcendence in life by reading, copying books and writing poems.

"set the storm" wrote:

"Don't listen to the sound of beating leaves through the forest, why not sing and walk slowly. Bamboo staff and awn shoes are better than horses, who is afraid? A haze of misty rain will lead a lifetime. "

Reading is a tour of the soul.

exercise, enrich the body

it is said in the Theory of pathogenic factors: "exercise bone and blood, then qi is strong."

people who like sports will not be in bad health.

may not have an immediate effect, but in the day-to-day persistence, you can harvest a different life.

Bing Xin, known as the "old man of the century", was weak and sickly when he was young, so he paid special attention to his health.

on weekdays, she likes to take a walk and often hikes in the mountains. In her old age, she still takes exercise that suits her physical condition.

when Bing Xin was 85 years old, she still had the strength to write long memoirs.

Health always comes first in life.

exercise, although can not increase the number of life, but expand the width of life, extend the length of life.

Travel, rich experience

have seen an advertising copywriter:

when you write the plan, the Alaskan Sturgeon is jumping out of the water;

when you look at the report, the golden monkey of Meili Snow Mountain just climbs to the top of the tree.

when you squeezed the subway, Tibetan mountain eagles kept hovering above the clouds.

because there is a dream, so bravely set out, choose to start, only care about the wind and rain.

Life is like a journey, the road it takes becomes the scenery behind it. If you stay at this moment, you will miss a better view.

Zhang Xiaoyan said: "either travel or study, body and soul must have one on the road."

sometimes we choose to change, go to another place, feel another kind of life, in a strange environment, find a kind of touching that we haven't seen for a long time.

travel, let us get out of the trivialities in front of us, arrive at poetry and distance, and find the true meaning of life.

the world is beautiful and worth seeing.

every time I set out, I am enriching my resume of life, and every time I return is joy and fullness.

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indisputable, the pattern of affluence

Laozi said: "the husband only does not fight, so the world can not fight with it."

the highest state of debate is non-debate.

Yang Jiang once translated poems by the English poet Rand:

"I don't argue with anyone, and I disdain to argue with anyone. I love nature, followed by art. I warm my hands with the fire of life; the fire has withered, and I am ready to go. "

this poem can also be seen as a portrayal of her life:

in this bustling world, how many people try their best to get ahead.

and Yang Jiang always has a gentle and elegant temperament, at peace with the world.

despite the setbacks in her life, she always sticks to her heart and just does her own thing.

she reads, writes, translates and studies, just because she is interested in it.

put aside unnecessary arguments, understand the positions of others, look at your own scenery, and go your own way.

only in this way can we stretch our mind and improve our pattern.

solitude, affluence

A hundred years of Solitude has a saying: "Life is, after all, a person's journey."

solitude is a kind of spiritual practice and a realm.

when I was young, I liked to gather together, thinking that the more people I know, the greater my chances of success.

as I grow older, I realize that solitude is the most beautiful and silence is golden.

French writer Maude said: "only in solitude can the human soul see its own clarity and enjoy the prosperity of life."

everyone is looking for who he really is all his life.

when you are alone, do what you really like, such as reading books, watching movies, watering flowers, living behind closed doors and keeping all your troubles out.

being alone is the joy of being alone. Those busy leisure time, seemingly dull, in fact, full.