297 cases were diagnosed in 10 days. This city, which can not be searched by hot people, has been scolded miserably.

297 cases were diagnosed in 10 days. This city, which can not be searched by hot people, has been scolded miserably.

Cheer together for every city that strives to fight the epidemic! May the epidemic be far away from the city where you and I are located.

Qian mou

after the Winter Olympic Games, the hot search was occupied by the "Russian-Ukrainian War".

the news of the epidemic seems to be a thing of the past.

however, the epidemic is still raging, with high-frequency distribution in various regions.

there is a place where the epidemic is more serious than ever, but very few people know about it.

I have been worried about it all the time, because this is also the capital of my hometown Inner Mongolia.

it is Hohhot.

there are very few news reports about it on the Internet.

some netizens are worried:

"COVID-19 in Inner Mongolia has diagnosed more than 200 cases, and very little news has been reported, as if ignored."

many netizens even called out:

"when can I have a hot search for Hohhot?"

these "soul torture" are not groundless, but they are really in a moment of emergency.

how serious is the epidemic in Hohhot?

as of 14:00 on February 28th, a total of 366 local confirmed cases have been reported in Hohhot.

11 days ago, on February 16, it reported 3 new confirmed cases.

as of February 26, the city has successively designated 6 high-risk areas and 97 medium-risk areas.

A total of 14 positive cases were detected in the ninth round of nucleic acid test, and the number of new cases was still at a high platform.

the situation is not optimistic.

how did the epidemic in Hohhot come from?

according to a preliminary judgment, this is a local epidemic caused by overseas imports.

but, unfortunately, the epidemic spread to two wedding banquets.

on February 8th, a hotel in the new city of Hohhot held a wedding banquet.

A total of 23 tables attended by 165 people.

from the wedding banquet to the first confirmed case, the interval is 8 days.

This means that the virus has spread in Hohhot for many days.

epidemic prevention personnel said:

"this epidemic outbreak in Hohhot is sudden, ferocious, and complicated."

then came the bad news:

it was confirmed that Delta mutant was the first confirmed case of infection.

many people have experienced how toxic Delta is.

the relevant staff said:

the number of cases in Hohhot is increasing rapidly, and there is a gathering epidemic in crowded places such as units and wedding banquets, which has a high risk of community transmission and spillover.

Hohhot is facing a difficult epidemic prevention test.

It is not easy to pass the big exam.

people always say that if there are difficulties on one side, there will be support from all sides.

did not expect that Hohhot received not aid, but notoriety.

what's going on?

it turns out that the Hohhot community was scolded when it asked for material help.

some people say:

"the people of Hohhot just want to be hot, want to be hot, and sell miserable sympathy."

someone even attacked it directly.

"can you seal it in Inner Mongolia? Have you infected us, too? There is no morality. "

"can you pay attention to it? The exam has been delayed for a few months. Don't you count it in your mind? "

I can't imagine how chilled the people of Hohhot should be when they see these comments at the moment of the plague.

how much did they pay for epidemic prevention from beginning to end? No one asked.

how hard is it? Pay little attention to it.

but when he was timid and reached out for help, he was scolded.

in fact, is Hohhot really that bad?


on the contrary, they are so sensible that they are distressing.

to prevent the epidemic, no one is an outsider!

Indoor public places are closed.

A number of colleges and universities have temporarily suspended their return to school.

there is no one on the road from the heavy traffic.

when you need something, you must do something.

you see, the familiar dawns are here.

in the past few days, the temperature has cooled down in recent days, and it is freezing in Hohhot.

but not a single "big picture" flinched.

they raced against the clock to sample nucleic acids in the face of a snowstorm.

some people's protective masks are shrouded in snow.

icicles form on some people's protective masks.

my companions tease me while feeling distressed:

"Ice skates grow out of electric heaters in the room."

every time they test one, they bend over.

more than 2000 people were tested.

A station lasts for hours.

Don't eat, drink, or go to the bathroom.

if you freeze badly, stomp your feet and rub your hands.

No matter how cold it is, no matter how difficult it is, they all stick to their posts and finish every work meticulously.

if you want to reward Ling Yunzhi, you should go against the pedestrians.

taxi driver Ji Dongbin responded to the call to become a volunteer.

is mainly responsible for the transfer of nucleic acid testing samples.

he needs 24 hours on standby.

three or four times a day, nearly 10,000 nucleic acid samples are transferred.

this is a risky job.

but he said, "someone has to come forward in the face of an epidemic."

Ji Dongbin stood out with more than 500 taxi drivers.

they don't count.Reward, illuminate the city with its own glimmer.

Hohhot Blue Sky Rescue team also stepped forward and was in charge of every corner of eliminate virus.

when they come across an old neighborhood without an elevator, they climb the eliminate virus with a load of 60 jin.

what is more difficult is that the fog machine needs to add water, and the nucleic acid testing point has no water, so it can only be transported by electric vehicles.

but what if the electric car runs out of electricity again?

had to push back thousands of jin of water on foot.

when they got to the rest point, they fell asleep in their chairs.

it's too late to take off the mask.

that night, the captain of the Blue Sky Rescue team lamented in moments:

"on this day, the wind is bitterly cold. Are you cold?" How distressing, my children. "

A white coat, dark green coat, these ordinary colors, at this moment, become the community side, the road side, the most eye-catching and most reassuring color.

seeing these scenes, who dares to assert that they do not attach importance to epidemic prevention?

at present, the epidemic situation in Hohhot is serious.

but Hohhot people never flinch.

on the evening of February 23, the whole city received a text message:

the sixth round of nucleic acid testing in our city will officially begin at 7: 00 a.m. on February 24, 2022, and the sampling time will all end at 14:00 on February 24, 2022. Please cooperate actively and participate in nucleic acid sampling on time.

this sentence reveals a message:

it only takes 7 hours for the whole city to complete a round of national nucleic acid.

you know, according to the statistics of 2020: the resident population of Hohhot is 3.137 million.

in other words, an average of 7469 people are tested per minute.

this is Hohhot speed!

time goes back to 4 months ago.

in October 2021, Hohhot was also hit by an epidemic.

at that time, many people lined up late into the night to make nucleic acids.

when the queue arrived, he was told "I can't do it".

and now, a citizen says:

"now you don't have to wait a long time to make nucleic acid.

I have queued up for ten minutes at the most. "

4 months, why does the detection speed become so fast?

there are two reasons.

the cooperation of ordinary people.

in the fourth nucleic acid site.

an old woman was waiting in line. The volunteer came forward and asked her to wait in the house. It was cold outside.

the granny said, "I can. It's not cold. Thank you, little girl."

everyone smiled knowingly when they heard this sentence.

they asked the volunteers to have a rest, and everyone will obey the order consciously.

there are also some ignorant children in the team.

none of them cried and waited quietly.

Young as they are, they are like adults, brave and strong.

some people directly use the whole nation's nucleic acid to form a "couplet".

upper couplet: nucleic acid test everyone moves, which building is called.

Xianlian: if you don't tell the building not to move, it will freeze if you move down.

horizontal batch: let it move again!

some people use the lyrics to affectionately write down this night, this cold winter.

"when I am too old to walk, nodding by the fire and sleepy, I will flip through Wechat and remember this."