Written after "Vitamin Milk"

Written after "Vitamin Milk"

Human courage can be accumulated.

yesterday evening, when I was about to take a break after a run, I saw a backstage message. The reader, who had been following the chaos for 3 months and 12 days, asked me, "what on earth is Vitasoy?"

so I turned on my computer and spent less than 20 minutes writing an article called "what on earth is Vitasoy?" "answer the new reader's question. Unexpectedly, more than 300 readers praised the article after the tweet, and then 959 readers told me: "his first appreciation was disorganized."

in fact, to tell you the truth, these 900-odd "firsts" are more important than those 300-odd compliments. Because it proves that the official account of chaos has made more than 900 people make a small change. Although this change may only be an appreciation of a few yuan at a time, it may also be a change of mindset.

because people are very strange, they are often afraid of strangers and dare not try, even if what people think in their hearts is "I know it won't do any harm, or even make things better", but because they haven't tried, so they choose not to do it.

then don't do it the first time, don't do it next time, then don't do it the next time.

so because of these "don't do", they miss a lot of good things that should have happened in their lives.

Don't think I'm just bluffing. When I had a chance to ask Vivi "whether or not to be my girlfriend" during the summer vacation when I graduated from high school, I didn't give up expressing my love because I hadn't been in a good relationship before. otherwise, how could I have such a four-year relationship?

when I was a freshman, I could completely continue to indulge in League of Legends and then take a part-time job at McDonald's on weekends instead of trying an official account that I had never contacted at all, but it was also because of a momentary impulse that afternoon.

when I was a sophomore, I didn't have to hire people because I was brushed off by all the student organizations and didn't know how to lead people at all. But I still wrote the first recruitment article, and then I met the eel whale, and later Tong c, Yuanxia and Zepeng.

there are too many similar "firsts". Without them, maybe I am worried about how to write my thesis and what kind of job I should look for after graduation.

courage can be accumulated.

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try a "first time" with good feedback, which will give you more confidence to try another. If another "first time" works, it will push you to do more "first time". Slowly, you will no longer be afraid of strangers, and you will even take the initiative to look for the "first time" and then can't wait to try it.

like the first time I ate durian, I had no idea why such smelly fruit was delicious before eating it, but after that, the door of the new world opened to me.

for this reason, you will, like me, find that breakthrough is the true meaning of life, and conservatism will only keep us where we are.

so I'm glad that more than 900 people have made them do something they haven't done before for the first time because of their disorganization, because these "first times" will give them a different reading experience.

maybe they will read the thoughts hidden in the article more carefully; maybe they will be thanked for praising other authors; or maybe they will develop a sense of payment and stop hesitating to buy online courses for themselves.

of course, there is also the possibility that "nothing happened but a few dollars".

but it doesn't matter, just accept that "nothing happened".

because I forgot to tell you that the inspirational "firsts" I just said actually took place on the basis of countless failures.

good night.