Why do you always like your people?

Why do you always like your people?

Why do you always like your people?


"what can I do? I just like him."

not long ago, after listening to my sister's performance of "love but not get" for that boy over the past three years, my sister came to such a conclusion with chagrin.

looking at my sister with a drooping head in front of me, I instinctively tried to persuade her to let go, but then I thought about it and shut up.

I know that even if I put the word "let go" so well that she has the illusion of "Yes, I really want to let go", I know that in the next second, even if he takes her to the edge of the cliff, she will reach out and jump.

when someone around her blames him, she will excuse him for slipping her feet.

I didn't give my sister any emotional advice that night. When I got back to the dormitory, Yang Naiwen's "I left myself" came from my headphones, which sang "I loved you in a moment of wind and rain, and I loved myself after a few times of rain." I pressed forward and shared it with her.

when I was reliving the Kiss of mischief, even though I knew it was happy ending in the end, I still loved Xiangqin, who looked at the back of Naoki and chased him breathlessly. Xiangqin, who cried and asked "Why aren't you sad" on a rainy night, wrapped up the quilt and said helplessly, "what should I do? how can I give up?"

looking back, we all seem to have had that look.


I have a habit of collecting ticket stubs. When I was sorting out the cabinets the day before yesterday, I counted and saved 37 train tickets from Guangzhou to Wuhan, as well as a return ticket. The font on the return ticket is already a little blurred, and the time is June 11, 2015.

I came out with him after watching the movie the other day. I watched his movie walk quickly in front of me, my shoulders were sore under the pressure of my luggage. I endured the pain of my newly bought high heels and trotted after him.

and at the end of that night, he went to a friend's party, and I went back to the hotel alone.

Featured with the tiniest details, our wedding gowns with cowboy boots are a prerequisite item. Our collections are a perfect demonstration of a high taste.

I think that a few months ago he inadvertently said, "Girls, they look good in high heels." for this sentence, I put aside the sneakers I am used to wearing. I touched a few blood blisters on my heel and scolded the disgraced myself: "Let you buy such hard shoes."

that's what people do.

he doesn't like to hold your hand and walk slowly. You tell yourself how cool he is to walk. He refuses to help you with your backpack. You tell yourself he is very manly and reliable. Even if he finally slaps you, you will tell yourself that he is slippery.

there are so many reasons for me to give up, but as long as "I still like you" can make them all untenable, it's really unfair.

that night at two o'clock in the morning, there was still the clatter of wine glasses in KTV. Wearing hotel slippers, I ate a bowl of hot and dry noodles in the shop downstairs, took out my cell phone, and booked a return ticket at six o'clock the next day.

this one-sided game, I finally don't want to play it.

at that time, when I saw Naoki put on her wedding dress at last, it was obviously a happy ending, but I choked up-the kind of love that was answered as the whole world, which really made me envy.


A few years later, Lin Yichen filmed another Taiwanese drama, "I may not Love you," in which Cheng Youqing was temporarily dragged to a wine bureau by her boyfriend Ding Liwei, where the girls were talking about how rich her husband is and how important it is to marry a good husband. Cheng Youqing, who firmly believes in self-improvement and independence, seems out of place.

she called her friend Li Daren and said, "I really don't know how to play a supporting role. I'd rather be alone than stay in the corner of a group of people. I can only see my own distance and can't see the people around me."

I suddenly felt very relieved that Xiangqin, who had to squeeze into the tennis club and Naoki even if he was excluded, had to squeeze into the tennis club with Naoki. Cheng, who cares about his feelings and won't force himself to fit into his boyfriend's social circle, is green again.

I firmly believed that he would be in my future. When we get married, what style of wedding dress, how many children, whether to decorate the house with his favorite warm color or my black and white ash, whether we keep his favorite sheepdog or my English short cat, we will sleep in bed on weekends. I will guess fist to determine who does the dishes. I care about him as much as Xiangqin.

it's just that in reality, many Xiangqin are tragedies.

suddenly one day, I looked at myself crashing into the south wall in the mirror and felt that I felt so distressed about myself-how could a good girl be so humble because of love.

when browsing Weibo the other day, I saw a video of Zhu Yin in a variety show. She said, "No matter what the love you encounter, be worthy of yourself." Fall down covered with blood, broken bones, it does not matter, put the death after life. But if you find the wrong person, in fact, needless to say, you have to learn to let go if you are wrong. "

well, if you are wrong, you really have to let go.


later, I would take a 58-hour train to Tibet and would not travel through five cities to see him. I would run for fitness in sneakers and would no longer learn to wear ill-fitting high-heeled shoes. I will sleep on time with a mask and no longer hold my cell phone insomnia and wait for his news.

but this seemingly strong me came to this moment because I fell and bled countless times.

when I was in junior high school, I saw a love letter that read: "if it takes 100 steps for a relationship to be together, then I can take 99 steps for you, as long as you take the last step for me."

at that time, I thought, what a good thing to say.

but then I realized, if you really like me, how could you let me walk so many steps alone?

so you know, these 99 steps are not to go to the person you like, but to give up.

I knew from the beginning that he might be wrong, but we all seem to have an unbelieving paranoia that we need to use these 99 steps to prove to ourselves that he is wrong.

finally wake up, it's really time to learn to change from Yuan Xiangqin to Cheng Youqing, and really learn to find the right person.

good night.

good evening. I'm Zepeng. In the afternoon, a reader came to me and told me that the appreciation of the official account of the ios version of Wechat has been changed into the form of scanning QR codes. Thank you for reminding me and thank you for your Vitasoy. Good night again.