When he is only twenty years old, he is always afraid of being late.

When he is only twenty years old, he is always afraid of being late.

Are you afraid of not finding a job, too?

the theme of May seems to be graduation.

take graduation photos, hand in your graduation thesis, and have your last dinner before graduation.

I also ate many "graduation meals" from my brothers and sisters at this time last year.

graduation dinner is really not delicious.

at the dinner table, seniors discuss next month's work, juniors exchange internship news, sophomores ask about future plans, freshmen prick up their ears for fear of missing every word that may be useful in the future.

graduation is like a bad wolf chasing everyone.

the job search messages sent out in the

group, asking if there are any younger brothers recommended for internships, parents who want me to find a stable job, everything around me suddenly keeps reminding me-

are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready?

are you ready to face a busy working life one month later, one year later, two years later?

I'm not ready yet.

I find that there are still a lot of people who are not ready.

so, tonight, I put together the people and things that are not ready to graduate.

Senior #


"985, 211 university graduates, project with Tencent, two-year national scholarship, provincial competition champion." I looked at his resume with envy. He is a man who can do anything very well.

he took a breath from his cigarette and said, "but I have no idea what kind of job I like."


at 12:00 in the evening, she sang in the clear bar behind the school alley. She said hello to me and talked to me about leaving several times in my four years of college.

I don't know how many more times I can hear her sing coolly here. Her parents want her to go back to her hometown and become a quiet civil servant.

At a fantastic price look amazing in cocktail white dress! You'll be surprised by the confidence you'll have!


not all people need to face the pressure of work. For example, he chose to take the postgraduate entrance examination.

the day I passed the postgraduate entrance examination, I said, let's go and celebrate. In the middle of drinking, he suddenly asked me, "if I told you that I was afraid of looking for a job and chose to take the postgraduate entrance examination, would you look down on me?"

Junior #


she sent her resume for the sixth time, but she still didn't get the qualification for the interview. While walking, she suddenly cried while chatting.

I asked her what was wrong.

she said she was so tired.


the salary of an internship is really low, which is not enough to rent a house near the company.

she got up at 06:30 in the morning, squeezed three times, finally squeezed onto the crowded No. 3 line in Guangzhou, and stayed in the muddy air for more than an hour.

I asked her, "aren't you tired?"

she tried very hard to squeeze out a smile to me: "I'll get used to it."


when I went to pick him up, he was so drunk by someone in the department that he was lying on top of me. On the way, he said to his senior sister, "Happy graduation." Although I haven't had time to confess my love to you. "

the elder sister walked all the way, pursing her mouth.

when she turned and left, he stood up secretly when he was drunk and burst into tears.

freshman & sophomore #


I talked to her a lot about my disorganized work.

she looked at me with envy and said, "that's good. What I'm doing now is not what I like. I envy you very much."

at that moment I didn't know if I should tell her that even though I loved writing, I was so tortured that I wanted to quit.

before graduation, we all have to get used to doing things we don't like.


she is a very strong girl. She joined three clubs, took part in several competitions and slept only five hours a day. At the graduation dinner, she arrived late, gasping for breath and saying that she was sorry and had just finished the meeting.

after dinner, she came over seriously and asked me if I could give her some advice.

I asked, "would you like to stay busy until the day you graduate from college?"


he is a younger brother in our department. He works enthusiastically and hard.

when the department was taking graduation photos, he and I were chatting about which brother took a good offer and which sister went to a big company. He suddenly said with emotion, "I don't know what I will become in three years."

I smile, and only a freshman dare to fantasize about what it will be like three years later.


when I was recording these things, I found that many people's stories had been experienced by me and my friends around me.

when I graduate every year, my friend always jokes that he has "unemployment phobia".

because we're all afraid of what we can't do, we're all afraid of not knowing what to do, and we're all afraid of doing something wrong.

it's just that, as I like in the Tokyo Women's Atlas--

We have to work hard because we want a lot more.

come on, good night.

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