This is the first time for me to be your boyfriend.

This is the first time for me to be your boyfriend.

It's really hard.

maybe it's because they read too many stories and like to sum up some major truths, so people who like to write are always easy to be regarded as emotional mentors.

No matter it is backstage, Weibo or email, every day many readers send their emotional troubles, waiting for us to reply and help them solve.

so in front of a lot of people, eel whale and I naturally became a model couple, as if looking for a man /girlfriend should find us like this, but in fact, we are all ordinary people, a couple who can not be more ordinary.

like all ordinary couples, we often have conflicts.

the other day she was ill and told me on Wechat that I was not feeling well, but I was doing an presentation in class, so I typed the word "heartache" and sent it with a hug expression, and every now and then I took the time to say hello.

it never occurred to me that at noon, we had a fight over it.

she complained that I didn't care about her, but I was surprised and asked her, "apart from saying something innocuous, what can I do at this end of the screen?" No sooner had she said this sentence than she hung up on me.

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although I was full of anger, I was still worried, so I missed my compulsory course in the afternoon and ran to look for her more than ten kilometers away, but I had another fight.

this time she complained about why I was absent from school and wasted money to see her, and I was completely angry and yelled, "what can I do?"

I couldn't care about her across the screen, and I was blamed for running to her. I really couldn't figure it out at that moment, and I was really sad.

it wasn't until that night that she told me that she just wanted me to call after class so that she could feel my concern with a warm voice instead of just cold words.

but why didn't you say it earlier? how can I know if you don't say it? I'm not a worm in your stomach. I'm also your boyfriend for the first time.

in fact, most of the quarrels are caused by some very trivial things, and the reason why the contradiction becomes more and more intense is that there is no "case-by-case" approach.

just like during the quarrel that day, she accused me of being more innocuous and more perfunctory than my friend every time I replied.

obviously I can say to her directly, "I was busy just now, so it's not convenient to reply", but the moment I said it became "who doesn't have an inconvenient time to reply?" Did I say anything about you when you didn't call me back? "

then the topic is referred to "whether there should be fairness in love" and "if it is fair, then I will go to several exes to fall in love with my hobby."

so she thought I was naive, and I blamed her for being unreasonable, forgetting what the argument was about in the first place, let alone solving the problem.

Don't hurt people when you are in a mood. I know all the questions that can be used in declarative sentences.

but what I never knew is that when I am with you, my IQ will suddenly become insufficient, because I am also the first time to be your boyfriend.

once heard a story say that A doesn't like eggs, so every morning he will give B the eggs in his bowl. At first, B is very grateful, until one day A gives the egg to C. As a result, B is furious. "Why did you give him my eggs?"

it's an old-fashioned story about "Don't take others' kindness for granted."

but if we fall in love for a long time, we still tend to fall into a trap called "take it for granted".

she knows that I don't like breakfast, so the whole case of milk under my bed is never out of stock.

she understands that I am jealous easily, so she will take a picture and send it to me "inadvertently" wherever I go.

her class schedule is much more free than mine, so she often takes an hour's drive from Songshan Lake to Nancheng to accompany me instead of letting me run around.

at first I was always moved speechless and secretly vowed to be good to her, but over time, I gradually became the B in that old story, taking it all for granted.

as if she had to be nice to me because she was my girlfriend, forgetting that she could have bought herself more clothes, had more fun with her friends, and could spend her time on her own affairs.

I am also the first time to be your boyfriend. I didn't know that a person could be treated so well, so I always forget that you could not have been so nice to me.

I remember that a long time ago, before I joined the chaos, I read an article by Thorn called "how do I get along with my girlfriend". After reading it at that time, I thought, wow, he is so good, he is really a master in love.

later, after getting acquainted with the thorns, he just "seems" to be in love. In fact, he will give her some strange gifts on VIVI's birthday to make her speechless, and it will lead to a fight between the two people over who stole the head when playing the king.

many people like to say that falling in love is "planting trees for future generations to enjoy the cool". People with love experience will know how to get along with each other better, but I don't think so.

No matter how many times a person has been in love, how many reasons they know about love, or how many emotional problems they have instructed, when they meet someone they really like, they will still be beaten back to their original form and become a person who doesn't know what to do.

it's true to love you, and it's true to want to get along with you, but it's also true that I often have conflicts with you accidentally.

think of Chunjiao Jiao Zhiming, which was shown in advance a few days ago. Even though Zhang Zhiming has a rich love history, he is still young when he is with Yu Chunjiao.A childish big boy.

what moved me most was Zhang Zhiming's sentence: "Yu Chunjiao, you made me grow up." (director Peng said the details can't be spoiled.)

it is said that when you meet someone you really like, every boy will become Zhang Zhiming.

so, please every Yu Chunjiao to be more considerate of our childishness, understand our ignorance, and give us a little more time to grow up and learn how to get along with you.

good night.