Taking graduation photos was the loneliest moment in four years of college.

Taking graduation photos was the loneliest moment in four years of college.

So when are you going to take your graduation photo?

Lao Gao has been having a headache about taking graduation photos next week.

I watched him open his Wechat address book and frowned through the 200 friends inside many times, but I still didn't know who to call.

he told me that he had not joined any student organization during his four years of college, and that he had no chance to meet other friends in this school except his classmates.

as for those classmates, Lao Gao can only remember the names of 1/3 of them.

"what about your former friends?" I asked him curiously.

"I don't know since when, and my former friends suddenly faded. When they took the graduation photo, they either didn't call me, or they asked me not to go. Anyway, now I'm embarrassed to call them. "

I tried to encourage Lao Gao to send an invitation to his old friend, but after a long silence, he shook his head and gave up.

he said, "isn't it like people who get married and send invitations to the whole world in order to receive money?" I don't want to do this when I don't get in touch for 800 years and ask for something as soon as I open my mouth. "

this is a thing that makes people very helpless but unable to change. A college student, living alone or not, can be best reflected in taking graduation photos.

in the end, I can only pat Lao Gao on the shoulder and tell him that I will be there. Like this, Lao Gao's loneliness and embarrassment can be reduced.

my friend A Guan is the president of the student union of the hospital. When walking with him in the school, he would meet someone nodding say hi with him every 20 meters, and there were countless people who wanted to get closer to him.

the day he took the graduation photo, the pomp was naturally too big.

with the sound of "Surprise", piles of people coming out of nowhere, holding flowers and balloons, pulled up a banner that read "Happy graduation and get married soon," and suddenly gathered around Ah Guan.

and all this was secretly planned by the department director and minister exactly a week ago, and even asked the class of students brought by A Guan as an assistant class, waiting to give him a big surprise today.

at the dinner table that night, A Guan was constantly toasted by various ministers and nodded his thanks to what others called "Happy graduation." the scene was as lively as a social reception.

many people say that when taking graduation photos, high achiever stood there alone, and only people with good interpersonal relationships would be clustered.

but aren't those who are clustered alone? In fact, this is not always the case.

A Guan told me before that he had been wearing a mask for public relations for four years, and he didn't want to be busy socializing and being polite at the last minute. In fact, he would rather spend the ceremony with some friends who really can be called "friends". To spend the ceremony together.

but I think he knows better than anyone that it is hard to turn back as soon as you embark on the social road.

what kind of heart people use to make friends must be the same kind of emotion.

maybe he had already guessed that the "surprise" of the graduation photo day would happen on time, and those blessings also had a strong flavor of social, but what could he do?

at that time, he said: "even if there are a thousand people in my graduation photo, if the person I want to see doesn't show up, it's no different from no one."

even though the scene is so lively, he is still lonely like a dog.

originally, taking graduation photos is a sacred ceremony for every college student, which means fixing everyone's most precious appearance in college.

but now, it has become an annoyance to too many people because it is so cruel.

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what a person has gained in the past four years of college, and how many true friends he has kept around him, will be nakedly cut open at this moment for everyone to see.

No one can hide their embarrassment, and all loneliness will be revealed.

Zepeng joked before that the custom of taking graduation photos in their school was that boys should wear skirts and stockings, then be tied to a tree with a sprinkler gun, and then be thrown into the lake, so he planned to travel while taking graduation photos, so he had an excuse to dodge a bullet.

at that time, I also teased him: "you play so much, maybe no one wants to take graduation photos with you at all."

then we both fell silent. When we thought that it would be our turn at this time next year, it was false to say that we were not worried.

worry that like Lao Gao, he may not be able to keep his old friends, or like A Guan, the usual excitement around him is an illusion, and in the end, he will really appear the scene of taking graduation photos alone.

what scares us even more is that this cruel loneliness will last until we work, get married, grow old, and finally die.

Don't make me too lonely, whether it's graduation photos, wedding banquets or funerals, if you can.

Please, good night.