My boyfriend is a trash can.

My boyfriend is a trash can.

Buy it quickly. Why hesitate?

I have a headache to hear people ask me, "what kind of man is your boyfriend?"

because I am deeply unconfident about my boyfriend's appearance like my own article, so I never show pictures to others. They all scribble: "A typical man of science and technology is not handsome and has zero EQ. He doesn't understand romance."

many people don't understand why I am with him like this, but in my opinion, romance with zero EQ is really romantic.

it is precisely because he does not know those fancy tricks and girl-picking skills that his clumsy and simple care and care is more sincere and touching.

the most obvious manifestation of this is that he has become my trash can.

Thank you anyway.

come from disorganized


I have a bad habit of buying things that I don't need at all on impulse. As a result, I always clean up a whole new pile of "rubbish" every time I pack things up. The food is tasteless, but it's a pity to throw away.

like T-shirts that are too loose to wear, electric toothbrushes bought on a whim but never used, and selfie sticks that have been idle for a long time.

at this time, my boyfriend will come in handy, because he doesn't care that I don't want it at all, but he will have the joy of "Oh, my God, my girlfriend sent me a gift." maybe he'll be happier because I've used it.

not only that, I can often use new things as a result.

when I complained to him that my watch didn't work, he quietly bought me a smart bracelet.

when I praised him several times that the smart bracelet was easy to use, he took the old bracelet from my hand and bought me a more advanced and smarter bracelet.

the day he put the new bracelet on me, he kept bb in my ear like a salesman: "this is even more powerful, and you can measure your heart rate."

even when he usually goes out for dinner, he will leave large chunks of meat to me and help me bite off my skin and fat, eating all green vegetables and rice to eat bones.

then put on a proud look and tell me: "I am very easy to feed, as long as I have white rice."

so I can only use various methods to pretend to inadvertently give him the delicious food, either "this is not delicious at all, I don't like this", or "I can't eat any more".

only then will he put on a look of "there's nothing he can do with you" and sweep away all the delicious food. I can see that he actually likes it more than I do.

in fact, I know that no one will always be willing to use old things and be vegetarian. he doesn't mind using what I have used and wants to give me the best, all because he is willing to be good to me.

so I keep thinking about how to give my trash can some special love.

did you know that boys, especially men of science and technology, have a remarkable characteristic, that is, they can't clean up themselves.

once all his skin care products had only one facial cleanser, he used the shower gel as a facial cleanser directly, and complained about why his skin was so bad.

so I specially prepared a whole set of skin care products for him, from facial cleanser to lotion to lotion. I was not so willing to spend so much money on myself, and I had to throw it to him very proudly: "these are all things that I find difficult to use." you can use it. "

fortunately, my boyfriend's skin is getting better and better under my careful care and training, and sometimes it even makes me a little jealous.

I secretly observed him far and near for a long time, and his main problems were oil flooding and large pores. In solving this problem, I think the greatest contribution is for the city wild doctor to rein in the lotion.

compared with me, my boyfriend's oily skin will be more serious. At the beginning, I was recommended by the makeup blogger "Dr. Chengano is a greasy mother". It took me a while to find that I even saved money to buy oil-absorbing tissue paper.

in the past, my boyfriend would never squeeze his face for me. He always dodged and knocked my hand off. He always said to me, "Don't touch it, it's too greasy." I've lost my temper with him a few times because of this.

but, Dr. Chengano, helped me realize my dream of pinching my boyfriend's face.

except that it is a little rough, it still feels good.

in addition to grease, blackheads are also a troublesome problem. When I asked him if he wanted to buy a nose patch when I went shopping, he was in panic: "I thought it was said that the pores would get bigger."

but the problem of blackheads has to be solved. It's too hot for the eyes, okay? I couldn't bear to throw him directly on the bed, ordered him not to move, and forced his nose to stick to his nose.

although he was frustrated, I had a lot of fun when I tore it off.

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in order to appease him, I poured Dr. Chengano on the cotton pad and let him partially wet it, so that his expression was not so frightened. The taste of Dr. Chengano is a bit like mint orange candy, very fresh, applied on his face and as cool as eating peppermint.

I know my boyfriend must have fallen in love with this feeling, because after that I found Dr. Chengno in his refrigerator. He also told me as if he had discovered a new world: "I'll tell you, baby!" Ice compress after cold storage is super cool! Like the essence of wind and oil! "

it is rare for him to insist on using the same product. After all, the brand of his facial cleanser has been changed again and again, but he will still buy back Dr. Chengno. The last time I went to eat more than 200 hot pot with him, he said with a distressed look on his face after buying the bill, "this meal is worth two bottles of Chengye doctors."

although hot pot weighs a lot in my heart, for the sake of his skin, IOr forgive him, at least close contact with my visual effect is much better. Most importantly, you don't have to grind his skin even if you take a picture.

(recommended by Vivi for thorns)

Boys should also take care of themselves. When their skin is good, they can avoid a lot of embarrassment in dating. No girl wants to see her boyfriend's big pores and blackheads at the moment when the atmosphere is just right to prepare for a kiss.

those who don't have a girlfriend should work harder. Large pores and oily skin can easily reduce other people's first impressions of you.

Girls should be more kind to themselves, and don't forget to prepare a bottle for their boyfriend except for their own use.

Dr. Chengno's make-up lotion is refreshing and not sticky, no matter how to use it or how effective it is. It is easy to use at a reasonable price. And the word doctor is very relieved.

once I saw a girl say, "Men, it's okay to be rough, just use it."

but what I insist on is that if you love someone, you must give him the best.

just like my boyfriend leaves me the best meat, I will give it to him, the best doctor in Chengno.