Like eating and drinking bears also enjoy happiness in toil.

Like eating and drinking bears also enjoy happiness in toil.

Bear also restaurant to eat marrow taste and try crowdfunding again

whether eating or enjoying is better than me-the video above in Ecclesiastes

comes from bears.

when I was a child, the boss was studying in New York, Tokyo and Shanghai. when he came to Beijing, he found that there was no restaurant he particularly liked, so he opened such a bear restaurant willfully.

Today, Bear also started crowdfunding at Shanghai Xintiandi Restaurant.

here are some questions and answers so that you can learn more about bears.

Xiong also restaurant dessert

Q: after watching your short film, it's eerie and eerie, and it doesn't seem to have any positive energy.

answer: bear, too. I hear people talk to others.

Q: what does it mean to hear people talk to others, too?

answer: here we go. Sponsors are not allowed to write copywriting in the third person, so I can't help it.

Q: all right. Why do you want to make a weird short film without positive energy? What does this short film mean?

answer: life is impermanent and pleasure is timely.

Q: so no one has sense of security. How can we do it at home?

answer: the rich buy a mink to wear. No money crowdfunding bear, take a small advantage by the way eat and drink fun do not know how to play.

Q: how can you take advantage of bears?

answer: crowdfunding bear is at worst like buying a financial product with a slightly higher rate of return. Bear also guarantees that no one will guarantee capital preservation, and who is willing to do it without capital preservation. Bear also hopes that the part of crowdfunding can be freely transferred. Anyway, if the return can outperform inflation, it will be taken advantage of.

Q: what else is there to take advantage of?

answer: bear, I did a crowdfunding in September or October last year with Beijing Xiongyi cattle Store. Of course, I managed to raise a lot of money to install the fresh air system in the store, which has not yet been debugged. The meat stove and lower exhaust equipment seem to be ready to open the third floor terrace. After that crowdfunding, there was a bear who also took advantage of the WeChat group, and everyone took advantage of it. I don't know what kind of bear it took.

Q: what is the crowdfunding store this time? Why crowdfunding?

answer: this time, crowdfunding Shanghai Xintiandi Enterprise Tiandi Hubin Road Bear also has an indoor restaurant with a lakeside terrace of about 1,000 square meters, and there is really a lake to look at. The dishes use almost brand-new menus: keep the special color of the cow shop's Shouxi roast and Xiaogui's delicious Australian pure blood and bull's highest grade M9 + steak, add Japanese-style roast meat and specially designed one-person meals. Delicious, good-looking, good-sounding, Xiao Gui.

as to why crowdfunding is needed, of course it is for money. However, if this crowdfunding can bring people like bears who take advantage of a group of inmates, they are willing to raise less money.

Q: is there anything special about the new store?

answer: Shou likes to cook the bottom of the pot and the sauce of roast meat is very special. Bear also likes to cook the bottom of the pot and the sauce of roast meat in my family, even in Japan, there are few restaurants to make it.

bought a Japanese Fuji roaster to roast coffee beans on the spot. Bake on the spot, grind powder on the spot and drink on the spot.

self-brewed rice wine. Wine is used to make wine and vegetables. It tastes good.

there is a small ladder cinema. Show special movies; invite some small European electronic bands to perform and drink. Two listening rooms with hifi and lofi vinyl. Display some radio stations and other antique audio equipment from the United States Navy during World War II.

Wish to shop for charming tea length dress and showcase your sexy silhouette? This section will help you never to waste your time searching.

Q: what do you mean, cellmate?

answer: we are all just prisoners here of our own device. We are ugly, we are fat, we are tired, we have no money and no freedom. We can only occasionally nag and comfort each other and eat and drink together. What else can I do.

Q: why did you come to Shanghai to open a new store?

answer: so many possibilities.

Q: can you write a few more words about culture? The bear's self-account?

answer: bear, I am also a cook from Tokyo. Bear also I have no culture, fortunately, temper big hands and feet fast, cooking is not generally delicious, but very general delicious. No ability, good luck, opening a restaurant to make money, that's all.

Beijing Drum Tower, Xiong Yi Niu Dian