Is your college really that worthless?

Is your college really that worthless?

Also known as, why don't I support the suspension of interns?

Mimeng posted an article entitled "Why do I support interns suspending school" the day before yesterday, and people in the editorial department discussed whether to give up their studies for the work they love.

there are many criticisms in universities, no matter whether it is the system or the content of teaching. So Mimeng put forward a point of view: "suspension from school to internship, in order to learn the real thing."

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unexpectedly, after some discussion, this time several people in the editorial department had the same attitude.

I won't persuade people to be a gambler

@ thorns

I hate gambling.

because from my birth to the present, my family seems to be led by the nose by the word "gambling".

I still remember that when I was in primary school, my fairly rich family directly put the whole family into debt because of my father's desperate efforts.

I remember hearing father and mother arguing in the living room many nights before putting all their eggs in one basket. My mother said, "it's too risky. Think about it again."

my father said firmly, "No, take a gamble. I'll admit it if I lose."

in the fourth grade, I didn't understand the concept of the collapse of the sky. All I knew was that the time was full of quarrels and mutual disgust. My pillow was wet several times by crying in the middle of the night.

more than ten years later, my family finally climbed out of debt, and I grew into an adult from the boy who cried secretly in the middle of the night. At the beginning of the year, when my father was ill, he took the initiative to talk to me about that "desperate".

"Don't you regret it?" I asked.

"I don't regret it, but one more time, I won't be so selfish." He said in a wheelchair.

my dad used the word "selfish" to describe that decision, which shows that he knows better than anyone that such a decision will affect not only a person's life, but also the lives of those close to him.

"people are the sum of social relations", which I heard from the "Strange Theory".

so when Mimeng advised those depressed interns to suspend school, I was against it.

because most people's college tuition fees are not paid by themselves.

so the decision to drop out of school cannot be decided by us who do not pay. We should discuss it with the payers (mostly our families) and tell them why they think a college degree is useless and why it is better to stop learning at this moment than to procrastinate.

do you know that I have been in a half-suspended state since I was in a mess? But I still won't say to you, "if you can't learn something, then quit school."

because the adult world is different from the school, all the problems we face are not judgment problems.

if you want to develop well in a certain field, you can't just leave the option of suspension. You can make full use of your ingenuity and skillfully avoid unnecessary courses and assignments, so ask your boss for leave and tell him you have to deal with your schoolwork.

if you can guarantee that you can still do what you are supposed to do, I'm sure most bosses will be willing to understand you.

therefore, if we continue to study, it is entirely possible to achieve our goal.

there are many ways to lead to the world we aspire to.

put all your eggs in one basket, burn your bridges and fight back. These three words are really attractive, but you can never ignore the gambling behind them.

Don't be a gambler, it's not cool at all and may even affect the people we love.

to be a smart person alive, so that we can have the opportunity to give happiness to others.

good night, don't be impulsive, don't be incited.

Freedom is something to practice

@ Wang Zepeng

the reason why I object to dropping out of school for a job I love is simple-we need an opportunity to learn how to get along with freedom.

last week, Zhang Jingshu and eel whale came to Guangzhou, which was very funny, but we only did three things: eating, sleeping and writing.

Zhang Jingshi said viciously, "No!" We must have the spirit of entertainment! Please give me an entertainment plan. "

Twenty minutes later, the four of us were still standing in the middle of the road, looking at each other-we didn't know what to do except work.

We are not particularly poor and have enough time, but we do not know how to use both.

have you found that my generation has more freedom, but the most important thing is that we don't know how to use it.

look at our group of college students.

obviously there is a chance to choose a more interesting life, but in the end, most people spend their freedom playing computer games, skipping classes and brushing food and makeup like success. The only pursuit is love.

to tell you the truth, just like the most important thing in college is not study, the most important thing after graduation is not work, but quality of life.

A life that only knows how to eat, sleep and work is not what we want.

and I am sentimentally attached to the university because it gives us enough time and low cost of trial and error to learn how to control our freedom.

so rejoice that we can have this erosive four years as a buffer and learning period to break away from the 12-year machine-like learning model and learn how to enjoy our freedom.

We live so hard, not just for a so-called passionate job.

good night.