I don't want to order "social likes" anymore.

I don't want to order "social likes" anymore.

The praise in your moments looks so fake.

when they traveled to Beijing with thorns, we each posted photos of the trip in moments. Half an hour after the photos were posted, the eel whale said sadly, "now there are few people who like my moments."

so we all took out our cell phones and counted our likes. I had 90, thorns 67, Zepeng 35, and eel whales only 18.

at that moment, I was a little proud and had a feeling of "a lot of friends", but when I thought about it later, it didn't seem to be the same.

in terms of connections, I am not as good-looking as thorns; in terms of affinity, I am not as good as Ze Penggao; in terms of photo quality, I am certainly not as good-looking as eel whales.

the only reason why my likes are so much higher than theirs is that I prefer to like others.

I even begin to wonder whether every time I repost my tweets to my moments, my friends who like me approve of my work, or just because I recently liked him, so give me a reciprocal reply?

unexpectedly, one day, receiving too many likes has become something that bothers me.

Xiaohe, a freshman, told me that he also had troubles in giving likes.

he recently joined a new club. In that club, as long as something related to the club appears in whose circle of friends, everyone will like it one after another under the leadership of brothers and sisters.

whether it is club activities, participating in competitions, or even internal gatherings, you can receive a lot of likes from up and down.

this is much better, and later Xiao he didn't bother to take the initiative to order it, but he never thought that this unintentional move became the reason for his alienation. One day Xiaohe was dragged into a "heart-to-heart talk" by the elder brother of the department, accusing him of not having a good relationship with the people in the club, but he had no sense of belonging at all. Confused Xiaohe took a long time to understand that in their eyes, "like each other" unexpectedly became emotional evidence, not like represents a problem with them.

"I have been forced to become a like maniac now. No matter what they post in moments, I have to like them with an appropriate frequency in order to maintain my relationship with them." Xiao he said with tears and laughter, "recently, the number of people who like me has obviously doubled."

giving likes was originally a social behavior, but now it makes Xiao he "have to like" and has obviously become a constraint on him.

later, when I was having a drink with Lao Lu, I talked to him about my troubles about "giving likes". As a result, he called me "superfluous", and then explained to me the benefits of giving likes while browsing through moments.

throughout the process, I found that he had been unconsciously giving likes to others, and even did not necessarily read the content carefully when clicking on the hearts. After several likes, he did not forget to tell me: "giving likes is the cheapest and effortless way to socialize. With a click of your finger, you can tell them: I care about you." You can even omit those four words and let the other person make up for it. Where can you find this function? "

that day I happened to be investigating the public's desire to buy messy canvas bags. Lao Lu took a picture of the bag I was carrying and posted a moments saying he could help me.

in less than ten minutes, he got dozens of likes.

"that's nice. They all seem to like this bag." Lao Lu seems to be happier than I am.

although the result is quite good, I always feel vaguely that the acceptance of this bag in Lao Lu's moments is a bit too high.

so I asked Lao Lu, "can you tell which of the many likes are ordered because the bag is good-looking or forced?"

he shook his head and asked me if it was important. Anyway, there are so many people like this bag, so no one has to worry about it.

I couldn't answer at first, until I took Lao Lu's cell phone and checked it for half an hour. I found dozens of praises in my moments. In fact, most of them probably didn't even know what chaos was. Because there is no sign of chaos in those people's circle of friends.

I suddenly realized that the reason why I got dozens of likes so quickly was not because the bag was really attractive to them, but because Lao Lu had been giving them social praises, so they needed to seize every opportunity to like them.

so the likes in it have nothing to do with the bag, and I can't tell who likes it because of what.

I told Lao Lu these thoughts, and after listening to them, he paused and said, "well, it seems really possible."

every time I look at Lao Lu's moments, I always think that he is a very popular and well-connected person. after all, he is always so lively under every circle of friends.

until one time, Lao Lu's girlfriend suddenly Wechat me: "can you bring Lao Lu a bowl of porridge?"

I asked her what was wrong. She said Lao Lu had a fever and she happened to go to Guangzhou, so she could only ask me to help.

I said yes. Then he called Lao Lu and the first sentence was: "are you dead?"

he was also impolite: "almost. I just want to drink more bowls of porridge before I go."

I had no choice but to go downstairs and pack a bowl of porridge and call a car to take it to his house.

in fact, Lao Lu was not in such a bad mood. After eating that bowl of porridge, he suddenly became very depressed, completely different from what he used to be.

he put down his spoon, smiled bitterly at his former moments and said, "well, I admit I don't have many friends."

I scolded him and said, "Save it. You're dying of illness and thinking about it."

when I took a taxi home, ISuddenly feel sorry for me, Xiao he and Lao Lu.

because I don't know when, liking it no longer means "appreciating love and recognition", but has become a tool to prove that "we often like each other and we have a good relationship."

then for all kinds of proofs and disproofs, we all fall into a constant cycle. When I think of this, I find that I begin to understand why some people can send less than ten moments after a year.

it's not because their lives are boring and have nothing to remember.

but those memorable things, they do not need to be liked in order to write down and continue that emotion at that time.

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also because there is no need for others to like, so there is no need to give others those social likes.

such a state is really enviable.

good night.