I didn't do what I had to do.

I didn't do what I had to do.

Are you like that, too?


these two days suddenly went to Xiamen capriciously.

I didn't go to Gulangyu, I didn't go to Huandao Road, but I went to several bookstores.

the bookstore in Xiamen is an interesting existence.

there is a Xiaofeng Book House on the university road. Once inside, more people take pictures than read books.

there is a three-story old villa on Huaxin Road, which is called "not in the bookstore". Quiet, literature and art, there are flowers and trees, once inside, you can also bump into those who take pictures.

I said that these bookstores will actually be more like "tourist attractions". People take a few photos at the stunt of "reading" and "bookstore" and then experience the feeling of literature and art.

many people walk into the bookstore, but few read books.


many people think that reading is a good thing, but after all, a good thing is not something you like.

I remember seeing my friend buy several best-selling books on moments, accompanied by words like "the way you have traveled hidden in the book you read".

recently I saw Amazon over 200-120, so I went to him to spell out the bill, and he sheepishly told me that he had only read more than a dozen pages of his first book.

yesterday was World Reading Day, and several people in moments made their own reading plans through some tweets. But I have seen so many such people that they will only forget the plan in the end.

because reading is actually a private matter, when a person announces his reading plan in public, his reading is more like a "show" in a sense.

just like those tourists who leave after shooting in Xiamen Bookstore and forget to turn books, they like gimmicks such as "reading" and "literature and art" more than books themselves.


discussed with Zhang Jingzhi the other day that this is an era of "fake reading".

I spent 200 yuan on Himalayan audio, and I only listened to 30 of them in a year. Two months later, his friend's kindle was left in a corner by him.

A Guo said that Higano was very good-looking that year. She borrowed a copy of the dedication of suspect x, which took her a year and a half to finish.

the best laugh is that I told her to give me back the white night walk so that I could review it, and she said viciously that she wanted to see it. Half a year later, she hasn't turned ten pages.

in fact, when we press the Buy confirmation button, we do want to read something well, but when we collect books and materials, take photos and post them on moments, we seem to have completed all the steps of "reading".

this is the so-called "fake reading". It is more like a product of inadvertently showing it to others or deceiving yourself.


say a funny thing.

Last week, because I had three speeches, I had to catch up on my knowledge of speeches. I listened to 36 audio, two speech books and six videos in a week, far more than I could do this year.

I think a lot of people have had a similar experience-bad remediation before college exams.

people have a habit of doing what is important rather than what is needed.

We all know that we need exams and fill in knowledge, but unless the exam is imminent, we will only stay in the preface after three months.

similarly, we need to read, and we know that reading is not the most important thing.

so we set aside time for more important things, such as spending time with girlfriends, such as rest, such as work, such as games.

this is the reason for the proliferation of "fake reading".

We choose to buy books when we are empty, and after buying, the emptiness is filled with other more urgent things.


now, short "fragmented reading", such as official accounts, is beginning to be popular.

yesterday the new list promoted an article on "fragmented" reading, which discussed the pros and cons of fragmented reading and long reading.

fragmented reading can quickly give a person access to certain needs, such as summed up knowledge points, such as the sharing of certain ideas, which can very well meet people's "critical" spiritual needs.

but I believe that "long reading" will not be replaced by this, because there are fewer and fewer things to slow people down in this era.

everything is born to help people save time and trouble. For example, sharing bicycles, such as "practical information", even mobile games are beginning to be fragmented, and everything, including people, is in a hurry.

it's just that when you run hard on the road, you ignore a lot of things that can be seen around you. Liushen Leilei also said in the tweet of the new list: "after I talked about Jin Yong, I still want you to read the book."

this is an age when everyone is in a hurry and doing important things, but don't forget to slow yourself down.

the best way to slow down is to read.

just like Amazon's "2017 read together" campaign, it is hoped that everyone will avoid "fake reading" and seriously enjoy reading.

Amazon 2017 read the promotional video

and finally shared something with some emotion.

when I left not in the Bookstore, I saw a small sentence on the door sign that read: "Don't just remember to clap."

maybe it's because this sentence is too small and inconspicuous, so everyone who walks into the bookstore still forgets to enjoy reading.

hope this article will be more conspicuous.

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good night.

World Reading DayAmazon interviewed 100 readers, including Internet celebrities, industry elites, and ordinary people like you and me, conveying emotions through 100 books, 100 people, 100 stories, and summing up a list of books with high gold content.

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good night again.