How much mutual love lasts for eight years?

How much mutual love lasts for eight years?

"people in love are crazy."

"Chunjiao Saving Zhiming" was officially released today.

many people who like this series watched a little on the 22nd, but they may have watched it again today.

the night before I went to see "Chunjiao Save Zhiming", I waded on the bed and watched the first two films again until four o'clock in the morning.

if you also want to see this movie, you can see the first two first.

because, together, these three films are just about the three stages of a couple's relationship.

moreover, it is bound to go through three stages:

accident, disaster, and out of control.

one. Accidentally

in 2009, Zhiming and Chunjiao was released less than a month after shooting.

Zhang Zhiming and Yu Chunjiao were smoking in the back alley. The scene of their first acquaintance was a bit awkward and they didn't talk much.

at that time, it was completely invisible that the two would be together in seven days.

maybe even the protagonist was surprised, so at the end of the film Chunjiao asked Zhiming, "when did you like me?"

it's strange that after every couple are together, one of them must ask: when do you like me? why do you like me?

at this time, we are either Zhang Zhiming and think, "I like her, so I think she is good, she is good at everything," so we can't give each other a full answer at all. Either Yu Chunjiao felt that "obviously you didn't do anything for me, but I just like you", fearing that the other person would put herself at a disadvantage.

but just like Zhiming and Chunjiao inexplicably liked and inexplicably together, in fact, everyone's love is somewhat inexplicable.

because falling in love with someone is an accident.

because it's an accident, I can't tell when I like it; because it's an accident, I can't tell why I like it.

so what we need to do is to accept the surprise, then slowly accept the less good side of the other person, and continue to explore the attractive side of the other person.

accident does not belong to our original life, it is a gift.

II. Disaster

maybe the accident of "meeting you" will really run out of luck.

when you get along with Zhang Zhiming, there are always a lot of things that discourage Yu Chunjiao.

made an appointment to play with Chunjiao, but ended up with her carefully prepared chicken wings to accompany her boss; she agreed to save money for a down payment, but spent more than 90,000 on a sculpture; even Zhiming didn't consider Chunjiao's feelings when he went to Beijing for development. There are too many things like that.

so when Yu Chunjiao picked up the phone to say goodbye, she left a long message: "Yes, I like you so much that I am so scared." But so what? it's useless. Zhang Zhiming, you can do it as a good thing or let me go. Please don't come to me again. "

Let go, let me no longer have high expectations of love.

because the longer I spend with you, the more afraid I am that I won't meet someone like you in the future.

A long time ago, I also thought that as long as two people like each other, they can be together. But slowly I found that being together was so terrible that it could erode one person's love for another.

sometimes we quarrel, sometimes we have a cold war, sometimes we are disappointed, and we suddenly encounter one disaster after another.

then, when we were discouraged, we began to wonder if the relationship could really continue, and a thought flashed through our mind: forget it, that's it.

but soon, I will be stupid again because of this "forget it", so sad that I can't even eat my favorite food.

Get prepared to buy a fabulous royal blue gowns for wedding guest and be the center of attention? Ideal choices for your big days!

looking back, I suddenly feel so cruel--

you gave me the accident at first and the disaster now.

of course I know that torturing each other is for both sides to be more suitable, and disaster must be the only way. But that difficult process, if I am not willing to stick to it a little more, maybe I will give up.

so the "forget it", I told it to "forget it", you didn't take any credit at all.

3. Out of control

there is a sentence I like very much in the movie "her": "in fact, everyone who falls in love is crazy, and love is a socially recognized insanity."

really, when everyone falls in love, they will be irrational and become another person, and they will get out of control.

for 8 years, Zhang Zhiming made three fancy moves to retain Yu Chunjiao.

rely on a message for the first time, a video for the second time, and a song for the third time.

these three things are actually useless, they do not mean that Zhang Zhiming has really changed anything. But they prove one thing-Zhang Zhiming likes Yu Chunjiao.

but for people in love, that's enough.

when Zhang Zhiming used "little tricks" again and again to prove that he really cared about Chunjiao, Yu Chunjiao also lost control again and again, followed irrationally, and selectively forgot all the disasters they encountered when they got along.

there are many similar examples around me. A couple who have been in a long-distance relationship for four years said, "I want to break up with you countless times, but I can't do it every time."

to be honest, you are really stupid.

the other person simply says "I'm sorry". As soon as you are about to climb out of the pit, you are desperate to jump back into that pit like crazy again.

the stupidest thing is that you have a good time every time.


when I left the cinema that day, my friend said, "I hated Zhang Zhiming very much. I thought he was capricious and naive, but now I suddenly like him." At least he's a man. Dare.Express it carefully when it is time to express it. "

some people say that over the past eight years, Yu Chunjiao has worked hard.

but in fact, every relationship can go to the end, it must not be a unilateral effort.

because any relationship needs a response.

and can go to the "big ending", also because no matter how jerk Zhang Zhiming is, how capricious and naive he is, he can respond loudly to Yu Chunjiao's love, telling her: "I miss u."

there are many people who say that the person they love is very much like Zhang Zhiming.

but what they didn't say is that the only difference between that person and Zhang Zhiming is that

the last time, that person gave up the response,

so he couldn't lose control like Yu Chunjiao again.

but I think there are still many "Zhang Zhiming" who know how to respond or are learning to respond.

well, good night.