Don't fall in love with a man of science and technology.

Don't fall in love with a man of science and technology.

Cry angrily every minute, smile manually.

recently, there was a very popular article "falling in love with Cantonese people". I thought it was very funny. It happened that someone on Weibo complained about my boyfriend of science and technology, so I wrote this article.

because I have no experience of falling in love with a man of science and technology, I interviewed some experienced female students, one of whom is driver Li.

this is a completely unprofessional summary of the interview, please read on professionally.


A strange way of giving gifts.

me: "I heard he didn't give you a present at Christmas, did he?"

Li: "Yes, because he says he prefers traditional festivals." So other people receive gifts at Christmas, while I received the gift from the Winter Solstice a few days before Christmas. "

refrain from laughing, I said, "what's the most impressive gift you've ever received?"

Li: "when he went to practice in metalworking, there was a course in polishing iron tools. Then, then he made an iron strike on the school badge of their school and gave it to me. "

then Li smiled: "another time I hinted to him that I had never received flowers, and he nodded and understood." On my birthday a few days later, he actually gave me a handful of fat! Soap! Flowers! What you say will never fade, it's good-looking and easy to use, and you still have the courage to ask me if I like it! "

the idea of giving gifts to technical men is always very strange. I have seen people send glowing mirrors and small hammers made by themselves.

in their understanding of gift-giving, practicality always seems to prevail over romance.


the same judgment.

driver Li and his boyfriend are not in the same school.

sometimes she wants her boyfriend to come to her, but girls don't like to express their feelings directly: "otherwise, don't come here."

but the technical man can never understand the reading between the lines of the girl, and the other side says yes, he won't go over. Driver Li immediately exploded: "you really don't want to see me!"

the boyfriend replied with some grievances, "you told me not to go there."... "

Li: "in fact, it's not that technical men don't know the truth that girls say they don't want it, but they will substitute it selectively." For example, when I said I didn't want that dress, I thought it was really ugly. But at this time, he remembered that if the girl said no, she just wanted it. "

speaking of which, she sent me a smile again.


focus on learning! Single-minded to learn! Single-minded to learn!

Li: "I went to study with him in the classroom the other day. I flirted with him for a long time, but he still saw only that chemistry book."

it suddenly dawned on me: "Oh. Frigid. "

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Li smiled: "I love learning." He learns to drain water, so sometimes when he walks on the road, he will point to the sewer cover on the ground and tell me what those numbers mean. "

I: "Oh... What do those numbers mean? "

Li Bai glanced at me: "who especially wants to know what those numbers mean?"

among the many girls I interviewed, more than 80% of the girls smiled and said, "make an appointment for self-study, and ask me for self-study every time." When he was reading, I thought the book was his girlfriend, and I was the other woman! "

when I asked what it was like to fall in love with a guy in science and technology, countless girls' first reaction was to complain. So I couldn't help asking, "then why haven't you broken up yet?"

and at this time, they suddenly changed their painting style and began to maintain their technical boyfriend.


always want to give the best to each other.

Li: "it's annoying, but sometimes he's really sweet."

the Winter Solstice the gift Li driver received that day was a small diamond ring.

on his twentieth birthday, the other party gave a silver ring, saying that he could exchange it for a diamond ring in the future. After wearing it for a period of time, the ring was dim and not so good-looking, so he bought a diamond ring for driver Li.

Li: "he hated that the drill was a little small and said he would work hard to make money and buy a big one in the future."

speaking of this, driver Li remembered that he wanted to go for a night run, so his boyfriend gave her a millet bracelet. After watching driver Li use it, he thought it was very easy to use and wanted to try it.

but the brain circuits of technical men are really amazing.

Li: "he didn't buy it directly for himself. Instead, he bought me a more advanced and easier-to-use bracelet and asked for the old one back.

driver Li said that she had used a lot of things. Give it to him with the old things, and he doesn't mind it at all, so he naturally leaves the better ones to driver Li.


it doesn't comfort people, but it makes people feel warm.

Technical men can actually see that their girlfriends are angry, but they never know the real reason why their girlfriends are angry.

when it comes to this, the exclamation point at the end of each sentence seems to tear the screen, but those specific examples make me feel like I've been fed a mouthful of dog food.

Li: "do you know how to cajole people after he pisses me off? Just, cuddle me, pull me, and then keep repeating 'Meow, don't be angry, Meow'. That's it. All the way, shit! "

me, smile: "…"

slowly I found that the comforting clumsiness of technical men is true, but it is also true that they want to please their girlfriends.


absolute security exists.

Li: "go out with him, really just be responsible for being as beautiful as flowers." He will help you arrange all your accommodation and itinerary, which is really super reliable. "

after a pause, Li said earnestly, "I am more emotional when I look at problems. Sometimes when I complain to him about problems, he will analyze them rationally." It's very useful for solving problems or something. "

after an unprofessional interview, driver Li suddenly came back to me and said, "Ah, that's right." At the beginning of this semester, I said I wanted to run and exercise. He said he was with me, and then, I fucking! With him! I ran ten laps on the playground! "

although it's funny, the warmest thing about two people in a relationship is probably what you need me to do, I'll do it for you.

as a straight man, after writing this article, I was funny at the beginning, and finally came up with the idea of "Ah, suddenly I think the technical man is also very good".

after reading silently that the technical man is too terrible, driver Li said this sentence:

"We have been together since high school." In the middle, I abandoned him, and he abandoned me. But I still feel like I can't live without each other. Sometimes I think it would be better to fall in love, whether he is a technical man or not. "

at that moment, when I looked back, I suddenly found that it was because of driver Li's love for him that he made the image of a man of science and technology full and enthusiastic.

so, instead of being moved by the image of a man of science and technology, I was more accurately moved by the girls interviewed.

just like they dislike saying not to fall in love with a technical man, but when I want to say a few bad words, they will suddenly throw out a sweeter bomb and tell me:

I am the only one who can dislike him.

good night.